Monday, December 8, 2014

4 Copywriting Myths that You Should Discredit Right Now

If you have no prior experience in hiring search engine optimization companies in Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky, you should do your assignment by equipping yourself with proper information especially on how they will execute the copywriting part. Why? It is because the search engine marketing industry today is focused on content development.

With the intention to help you make an informed decision, provided below are four of the copywriting misconceptions that you should discredit right away.

#1: Keyword Density is Important
If you strongly believe that keyword density is still important nowadays, then you should get rid of this notion at once. In fact, no keyword density is right since then. Just make certain that your target key phrases are strategically placed in the title, first paragraph, body, and last paragraph. Executing these practices will make your copy go a long way.

#2: Key Phrases are Dead!
This is false. Even though Google is indeed smarter in finding out the intent of your content, key phrases or keywords still help your website to achieve better ranking. Naturally, you still have to worry about utilizing a particular keyword for X number of times. Instead, research about your target keywords, identify their synonyms, distribute them evenly throughout the write-up, and you will be fine.

#3: 1,500+ Words is the Perfect Copy Length
Although some SEO specialists in Lousville-Jefferson County propose that the “ideal” word count for write-ups is at least 1,500 words, remember that this is not perfect for all cases every time. The best practice is to base the content length on what you are discussing, and you should write not for search engines, but for your readers.

#4: Press Release for Links is Still Effective
This is an outdated SEO practice. Successful companies submit press releases to build awareness for their brand, not to acquire links from it. Indeed, gone are the days of press release submission for the sake of links. The environment of SEO nowadays are different and transactional anchor texts that look spammy are deemed as red flags. Therefore, you should write press release only if you want to amplify your brand reach and to drive traffic into your website.

Do not start your 2015 by employing an SEO company that executes outdated SEO strategy. Keep in mind the above-mentioned copywriting myths to help you select the most suitable company that will handle your search engine marketing campaign!