Sunday, December 14, 2014

5 Myths that CEOs Have about Web Development

Do you still recall the last time you employed a web development company in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Perhaps, you have bled your pockets because you went over the budget, stressed over deadlines, or even impugned everyone for having a rough project. Regardless of whether it is your team’s fault, there are incorrect notions that even CEOs of successful companies have about website development.

Provided below are five of them.

#1: It’s a Piece of Cake
Clients typically ask for a simple 15 to 20-page website that is complete with log-in set up, blog, online payment and widgets. Even though a website like Craigslist or Facebook looks clean and simple, the required development work in those websites is very complex; not to mention time consuming. What’s even stranger is that, these “simple” websites necessitate higher budget in development. The point is, even a simple or small development job involves a lot of development work that can last for days to weeks of programming.

#2: Everyone is Invited
In web development, you must not include all your team members. Rather, only those who really need to take part in the work. In this way, the business objectives, brand assets, content strategy and user flows are streamlined effectively. Do not spend too much time focusing on technical planning, choosing design or widget, layouts and database architecture.

#3: Website is a Commodity, and a Cheap One!
With the advent of innumerable websites that offer templates, together with the popularity of offshore development, most business people have this misconception that a website is a cheap commodity. Even though taking advantage of these templates would do good for some business, this option would not suffice for companies that aim for long-term brand development. Always treat your website as an investment and give out sufficient resources towards it.

#4: Work No More If the Site is Launched
Web development is not a one-time event. As soon as your website is launched, you still need to maintain it. Most successful companies have dedicated teams who ensure that their websites have no issues or glitches. Besides, you will also need security updates, fresh content and functionality check every once in a while.

#5: You Can Issue Commands on Design
Of course as an owner, you can influence the design the way you want it. Even so, it is always better if you let the professional web designer do the job. Needless to say, they have the skill sets, knowledge, as well as experience to craft a design that could effectively convert visitors into paying customers.

Therefore, before availing web development solutions in Minneapolis, MN, you should correct these misconceptions first.