Thursday, December 11, 2014

SEO Audit: Its Importance To Your Business

Establishing a firm foundation online is continuously becoming a necessity for almost all enterprises nowadays. Consequently, businesses also need search engine optimization in Sacramento, California. Regrettably, SEO is a complex process simply because the ideal strategies for successful optimization change once in a while. The good news, however, is that a stringent SEO audit can undoubtedly lead your campaign to a lucrative path.

The Significance of SEO
In today’s commerce environment, consumers first need to know that a certain business exists before making a purchase. To do so, usually they go online, thus, the most logical way to ensure that your business website is within the radar of your target audience is by aiming to land on the first few pages of Google and other major search engines. The SEO audit comes into the picture by making sure that your website is not experiencing technical problems that can be detrimental such as issues with robots.txt, URL issues, broken links, title tag flaws, and more.

Why Do SEO Audit?
Carrying out a sound SEO campaign requires expertise. So, if your business website is suffering from the following symptoms, it is recommended to execute an SEO audit immediately.

#1: Your Website Has Poor Rankings
If your competitor websites achieved a better ranking than yours for a particular set of keywords, an SEO audit can be beneficial in pinpointing the aspects that can help your website gain the maximum exposure and traffic. Eventually, this will help your website become more competitive in search engine results pages.

#2: Your Website Has Low Conversion Rate
Even though drawing in traffic is an essential first step, it is not enough to amplify your profits. As soon as the prospective customers land on your website, they must be guided thoroughly until they checkout. Needless to say, a search engine marketing solution in Sacramento that is centered only on boosting the number of hits rather than converting them to sales is pretty useless.

#3: Your Website Experience High Bounce Rate
Just like in having low conversion rate, this scenario includes non-conversion of visitors because they immediately leave your website the moment they open it. Nonetheless, one thing remains sure, they leave because they cannot locate the information they are looking for. Executing an SEO audit can help you identify what is causing this problem to subsequently correct it.

Do not wait for the abovementioned problems to worsen before asking an experienced search engine optimization company in Sacramento, CA to do an SEO audit. In today’s online marketplace, keeping up with the incessant changes in SEO standards is the key to remain competitive.