Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Web Design: 5 Ways to Naturally Pull In Visitors

Web design is actually an umbrella term that embraces a number of aspects, from basic website development to more complex maintenance and updates. Thus, it is the duty of an expert web and graphic designer in Cleveland, Ohio to come up with a design strategy that effectively integrates all essential elements in order to create a user-friendly website that pulls in traffic naturally and has a minimal bounce rate. Consequently, professional designers are a strong believer that it is their job to concentrate on the landing page where people can decide whether or not to browse the whole website.

Naturally, there are plenty of ways how you can draw in visitors. Nevertheless, here are some foolproof ways to help you get started:

#1: Quick Loading Time
The response time of web pages has become an essential aspect in website development. If your landing page does not load in promptly, anticipate that your bounce rate will surely go up. Therefore, see to it that your website infrastructure is designed in a way that all key pages load at optimal speed.

#2: Interesting Content, Easy Readability
Always remember that majority of clients nowadays visit website to gain more information that help them in their purchases. Hence, it is ideal if your website has interesting and informative content that is displayed in a way that it can be easily read and comprehended. Prefer easy-to-read fonts that are strikingly different with the background color. If you need to break down a lengthy content, use headings, sub headings, as well as bullet points.

#3: Use HTML5 and CSS3
Even though JavaScript was commonly utilized back then to design websites, designers observed that it actually slows down the website. As a result, the website’s search engine optimization and usability are also hammered down. So, if you desire your website to have flash/html5 animation
, better use CSS3 and HTML5.

#4: Straightforward Navigation and Simple Search Option
In order to increase your website’s traffic and to subsequently decrease its bounce rate, another bang-up way to integrate in the design is a simple search option. Of course, you should also ensure that your website’s navigation layout is not ambiguous. In case you run an ecommerce website, your web pages and all their links must responsively guide the clients until they have checkout your products or requested for your services.

#5: Integrate Social Media Buttons
To keep your visitors engaged not only with your website, but also with your brand, incorporating social media buttons is a good decision to make. Additionally, you can also capitalize different social media platforms to drive more traffic into your website.

If you experience difficulty in fine-tuning the following, you can always turn to seasoned companies that provide web and graphic design in Cleveland, OH.