Thursday, December 18, 2014

Website Design: How to Make the Right Impression

Naturally, you have opted for a website creation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma because of the continuous developments in the online industry. However, ask yourself, have you done anything for your valuable customers lately? Although your website is already live, and has been for years, this does not mean that you are not required to do additional work anymore. In fact, a website that is not updated is like an applicant wearing a ripped jeans on his/her job interview. This implies that you are not taking things seriously.

Therefore, if you don’t want to reflect the same impression to your customers, better consider a full rebranding campaign, or you can start by having your website updated. Here are some “signals” that your web design needs quality assessment:

#1: Friend Feedbacks
If some of your closest friends have negative feedbacks about the design or functionality of your website, better listen to their assessment. Although their critical thoughts may be delivered in a harsh way, still, these are honest opinions. If you suggest ways on how to improve these flaws, look forward for their reactions.

#2: Feedbacks from Focus Groups
Whether you are an attorney, florist or power washing service provider, you are a marketer as long as you have a business website. In order to become successful, you need to embrace marketing which includes having different focus groups. Aside from your friends, their feedbacks about your website are also a good way to measure things up.

#3: Competitive Analysis
This is the process where you check out the competition. Look for websites within your area that provide the same products or services as you. If you notice that your website looks good compared to them, then expand your search throughout the county. Carrying out this competitive analysis is also beneficial in helping you become aware of the standards in your industry.

#4: Brand Analysis
Look back at the moment when your vision of a web and graphics design has turned into a reality. After this, determine how your website has changed over time. Regardless of whether your business has changed its focus through time, it is imperative that your website reflects your current focus.  

#5: Functionality Analysis
Whether we accept it or not, technology changes nowadays in a rapid pace, and so are the methods of developing and designing websites. Hence, to make certain that your website is still functional given today’s online standards, regard doing a functionality analysis.

If you are having trouble evaluating and updating the quality of your web design, you can always turn to professional companies that offer low cost web design in Oklahoma City.