Friday, January 16, 2015

4 Lessons a Web Designer Can Learn from a Poker Player

Although it seems peculiar, business website owners and web graphic designers can actually learn a lot of lessons from playing poker when it comes to starting and managing a custom web design in Charlotte, North Carolina. Let’s say for instance, the process of anticipating your opponent’s moves can be compared to the process of optimizing a website where the owner determines its accomplishment based on the garnered reviews and traffic.

Additionally, provided below are the other similarities of poker with web design.

Probability Calculation
In poker, the chances of winning every round is unpredictable. For this reason, a player should not assume that all his opponents always have a winning hand simply because this mentality would only forbid him to grab a winning opportunity. This same principle goes with web designers who regularly worry about their outputs. Needless to say, these awful anticipations will only limit their creativity. To solve this problem, they should learn how to calculate probability – just like in poker! They must be aware of the designs that are trending, and those that are deemed as avant-garde in the industry.

Research and Observation
Seasoned poker players actually do research before entering a professional tournament. It is important for them to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents in order to come up with a sound game plan. In the web design context, research is also a vital procedure because it can specifically identify the needs of your target visitors. In addition, this process would also help website owners find out the most fitting user interface for them.

Start Humbly
Some web and graphic designers are quite pushy in adding elements within a limited space. Unfortunately, this often leads to making the design more complex and hard to navigate. If there is a great lesson that a designer can learn from poker regarding this is that they must start small. A wise poker player always starts humbly and never goes all in without carefully evaluating the probability of success.

A/B Testing
Majority of experienced poker players analyze the game style of their opponents in various instances during a tournament. They will utilize this analysis in trying out different strategies while on the game until they have achieved a particular goal.

In web design, A/B testing is the process of yielding two different web pages to find out which of these is more appealing for traffic acquisition and sustenance. Once the desired traffic level is achieved, then the designers and developers can focus on that particular page.

If you desire to start your own web design project but is not familiar with the processes, a professional website design firm in Charlotte, North Carolina can surely be of immense help.