Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Designing Your Website for the Search Engines

In terms of website optimization, search engine optimization is indeed a great way of “designing” a website to make it more “search engine-friendly.” By search engine-friendly, it implies the application of Atlanta best search engines optimization strategies in order for the search engines to accurately interpret your content and subsequently index all web pages. As can be surmised, the better the strategies are, the higher the chances your website has in achieving good ranking in results pages.

Millions or even billions of people use search engines every day. Therefore, it is important for business website owners to have a well-designed website not only for search engines, but also for their target visitors. With the intention to help you get started in this process, provided below are some information you might want to look into.

Off-Page SEO
As the name suggests, off-page SEO refers to all the processes that are carried out across the internet. While you do not have the full control over these practices, there are a number of techniques to help you on several aspects. Some of these include:

  • Getting links from authoritative and highly-reputable sites
  • Using keyword-rich anchor texts in a moderate manner
  • Using legitimate tactics to build high-quality links
  • Using contextual reference to all inbound links
  • Carrying out keyword research as well as analysis to find out whether the campaign is a success or not

On-Page SEO
On the other hand, when the best search engine optimization company in Atlanta, GA executes an on-page optimization, this means that they are carrying out strategies that either SEO specialists or the website owners can fully control. In addition, this also includes tweaking and maintaining other significant features as the SEO campaign goes on. Some of the proverbial on-page optimization tactics include the following.

  • Keyword Research – It is the process of choosing the most expedient set of keywords for the campaign.
  • Metadata Optimization – This includes optimizing the titles, headers and description tags by including target keywords and making sure that the character length is appropriate.
  • URL Structure – It is the process of creating a URL structure that is catchy for the users, and is acceptable for search engines.
  • Internal Link System and Information Structure Arrangement – Coming up with a good strategy in organizing the internal link system as well as the website’s information architecture.
  • Content Creation – This is where you or your team of writers would create insightful, meaty and awesome content to help not only your customers, but also search engines.
  • Sitemap – Using a sitemap to assist website owners pinpoint any glitch before launching their sites.

In order to make certain that all your SEO practices are in line with the recent rules and guidelines of major search engines, hire only the best SEO company in Atlanta, Georgia.