Sunday, February 22, 2015

Content Creation Tips: Avoid Writing a Boring Write-up

Although Kansas City-based websites are equally created and started meekly, some business websites appeal and feel more exciting than others. Nonetheless, regardless of how boring your website is, you need a continuous flow of good content not only for your target clients, but for your existing customers as well. And looking at the search engine marketing environment today, content is definitely one of the major factors in which consumers select which company to do business with. Therefore, the best search engine optimization strategy in Kansas City, Missouri is centered on the creation of a good content marketing plan.

Content in this article is used to denote both on- and off-page content such as website information, blog posts, social media posts, articles and guest posts. Content nowadays is given so much importance because according to a study, six out of ten consumers have a tendency to choose a company that provides interesting and informative content that helps them in making the purchase. Moreover, 70% of them evaluate how reputable a company is based on the content they provide and share. Given this information, content surely plays a huge role in attracting and sustaining consumers.

So, how can you have quality content even if your website is by nature boring? Keep in mind the following tips:

#1: List Down the Topics First
It is always ideal to create a list of topics first to make sure that your planned content will cover all the things you want to deliver. Make certain that the topics are catchy and connected to each other; not to mention that they should be in line with the overall brand message. In such instance where you prefer working with freelance writers, make certain that your content marketers and writers are in the same page, from defining the topics, to creating an outline and to writing the meat in the content. If you have in-house content writers, gather them and start writing down good topics to share. Always keep in mind that bang-up ideas typically come from team effort.

#2: Get the Creative Juice Flowing!
Undoubtedly, there will come a time when your creative juice will run low. We are all aware that content ideation is hard, but writing the content itself is harder. Nonetheless, do not leave this process undone and keep in mind the following questions while making your draft:

  • Why would my target customers want my offered service or product?
  • What benefits will they get from it?
  • What can I do to increase the chance of purchasing from my business?

Even the best search engine optimization company in Kansas City
looks at these questions when creating content. Furthermore, they also ensure that their content is emotionally invoking to their clients. If you don’t want to have a boring website anymore, make sure that most of your marketing collateral in Kansas City are insightful, meaty and informative.