Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Integrating Videos in Website Design

Approximately eight out of ten marketers that are based in Las Vegas today are taking advantage of videos not only in their websites, but also in their content marketing materials. This implies that the people tasked to do web design jobs in Las Vegas, Nevada are required to support these efforts. Even though quality content is essential for business websites, owners are actually missing other important metrics the moment they ignore the concept of video integration. Included in these metrics are the average time in the website, bounce rate and conversion rate.

The Significance of Combining Videos and Other Web Design Elements
Nevertheless, you must be warned that incorporating videos in your key web pages is not always a successful method. Some business websites can thrive in this undertaking, while some can get mediocre results. Why? The main difference between these websites is their usability. Most websites fail because they provide their users with poor user experience. This is chiefly because their web pages load too slowly or the visitors are always having a hard time searching for the things they are looking for.

If this is the case, your team of web designers should know how to mix videos with other web design elements seamlessly in order to avoid making the website lag or get bombarded with unnecessary elements. In this manner, your website can still offer maximum visual pleasure without sacrificing its response time.

Video Incorporation
In reality, incorporating video is not rocket science. Website owners are not actually required to do much research just to incorporate videos in the design. Nonetheless, because there is no available open source library to sync animations with videos, your designers should make use of CSS keyframes / transitions or JavaScript animation.

In depth, your team of designers should do the following:

  • Specify the Application Programming Interface (API) – In such an instance where you are working on a small project, it is ideal if your team of designers work on defining the API first. This way, they would know how other people would use the library to write the JavaScript.
  • Host the Videos – The next step to do after specifying the API is to host the videos. In hosting the videos, keep in mind that these should not be embedded with Silverlight or Flash. Why? This is because videos embedded in these technologies only restrain the design options your website could have; therefore, also limiting the designers to become creative.

Without a doubt, integrating videos in the website can yield a lot of benefits if executed properly. So, the next time you hire web developing companies in Las Vegas, make certain to remember the aforementioned information about video incorporation.