Wednesday, February 18, 2015

“Spying” the Content of Your Competitors the Ethical Way!

Looking at the business and marketing landscapes today, content is truly becoming an important aspect because of its capacity to pull in and retain clients. For this reason, businesses in Florida are also beginning to see the importance of employing an expert SEO company in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, a lot of companies only produce content just for the sake of having a content in their website. Apparently, they do not know that in order to have a thriving content marketing campaign, producing insightful, engaging, and meaty content that surpasses the quality of their competitors is necessary.

So, how can you create a content that is better than your competitors? One of the most effective and ethical ways is to identify which of their content is effective to their readers.

The Significance of Keying out the Content that Works
The purpose of creating content is to convert ordinary readers and visitors into actual customers. In order to achieve this, business owners must specifically know who their target audience are. When creating content, it is always ideal to consider the target readers. In this manner, you can yield a content that is tailored to their needs and interests. Moreover, you surely want your content to arouse some emotions from your audience (hopefully positive emotions). In content marketing, the stronger the emotions from readers, the higher its tendency to get read and shared across multiple online channels.

Breaking Down the Content of Your Competitors
Do you know the popular byword “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”? Well, this can also be applied in content marketing. In reality, analyzing your competitor’s content is a good way to compete with them more effectively. Nevertheless, this does not mean that that you should copy directly or always curate their content. You just have to keep tabs and spot which of their content assets are effective to their audience. The better is your understanding about their content assets, the better is your chance of competing toe to toe with them.

In doing this process, let these five guide questions help you:

  • What is different about their service or product?
  • What is their unique marketing suggestion?
  • What are my target clients purchasing from them?
  • What can my business provide that my competitors cannot?
  • What are the weaknesses or loopholes in their content? Can I use these to my advantage?

In web marketing search engine optimization in Jacksonville, Florida, familiarizing yourself with the content and social media strategy of your competitors require ample amount of time and money. Therefore, decent preparation is needed before starting this venture.