Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to Avoid Having the “Silent Blog” Syndrome

For website owners and bloggers, the “silent blog” syndrome is certainly one of the most frightening things to go through. After spending hours of scouring all available materials to research something that is worth writing, and investing unequaled effort to put meat in the content, the blog acquires no likes, no comment, and no interaction at all from the readers. The blog has become a dark and lonely place. Needless to say, this is the thing we call “silent blog” syndrome. So the most important question now is, how would your search engine marketing campaign in Long Beach, California gain success if the blog cannot even get visitors to read and comment?

Certainly, it is discouraging to have this kind of blog because we all want an active and lively one. Once your target readers jump into the discussion, you will feel that your “license” as a blogger is already certified.

No Engagement at All
The primary reason why your blog cannot acquire any form of reader engagement lies between you and the blog platform. A lot of bloggers think that drawing in comments is something that can be achieved with force. Nevertheless, in reality, this is never the case. Commenting on a blog or article is done in a willing manner. So instead of squeezing them to comment, try to provoke their will by providing them with meaty and insightful content. As much as possible, make the content controversial and thought-provoking so that commenting will go naturally.

Commenting in blog is also associated to web marketing search engine optimization in Long Beach, CA. If the blog cannot pull in readers, then you also have a low chance of acquiring comments. Hence, if you desire to have interactions and comments, you also need to market your posts across different online channels.

Other Reasons of Having a Silent Blog
The blogging platform also induces some of the reasons why your blog does not have a single comment. Some blogging platforms have faulty or broken comment systems. Additionally, there are platforms that require a lot of actions from readers first before they can post their comments such as creating an account or choosing an avatar. Moreover, some platforms have malfunctioning Captcha systems and typically require the approval of the moderator first before publishing the comment. Needless to say, all these reasons forbid the readers to immediately leave their thoughts about your post.

The Solution

So, how can you avert having a silent blog? The most effective way is to create quality content. Moreover, always market your blog posts throughout the online realm. Effective marketing of content is also crucial in having a successful search engine marketing and optimization in Long Beach, California.