Sunday, March 29, 2015

Must-have for E-commerce Merchants: 4 Valuable Local SEO Tools

It is typical for companies that provide SEO marketing in Minneapolis, Minnesota to conduct local SEO for e-commerce websites and businesses. As a matter of fact, local SEO is beneficial for every enterprise regardless of their business nature, size and niche. As you can notice, Google now displays local results along with the organic results. This implies that getting listed in local results is an indispensable opportunity for e-commerce store owners.

Additionally, according to a respectable advertising company:

  • 71 percent of users deem the information from local search results to be valuable, and 36 percent of them actually think that these are convenient when looking for a local establishment
  • Once a month, 14 percent of users successfully find a local business in local search results
  • 61 percent of all local searches lead to a successful purchase/transaction

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that getting listed, and subsequently maintaining your good position in local rankings is not as easy as you think. Why? The main reason is that the results pages have a limited space. Google needs to display all pertinent elements in their local results such as the business address, ratings and reviews. They also need to display both ads through AdWords on top of their organic results. All these facets consume the precious space, which limit the number of local results a visitor can see per page.

Moreover, big retailers and establishments also do local SEO. This does not mean, however, that you cannot outrank them. The point here is that local SEO is as competitive as national or global SEO. Hence, you should commit sufficient amount of resources, time and patience in order for your website to get listed and stay secured with its local rankings.

To help you set your right foot in, here are four of the best local SEO tools you cannot afford to miss:

#1: Whitespark
This tool is the best if you want to familiarize yourself on how to automate most of your local SEO undertakings. It can help you locate citation opportunities, track local rankings, and look for prospective links.

#2: BrightLocal
This is also an all-in-one application, similar to Whitespark, but its target users are marketing agencies as well as consultants. It has a lot of features for advanced users that can be beneficial in auditing their local SEO, supervising reviews online, and getting the hang of Google+ wizard.

#3: SEMrush
Indeed, this is one of the most popular tools in the market today because it offers almost all services you can think of. With this tool, you can effectively manage your local SEO, pay-per-click, keyword research, competitor research, and a whole lot more.

#4: LocalVox
If you are looking for a truly over-all local SEO tool, this is the ideal choice. LocalVox will help you manage your entire local online campaign, and you can also supervise your social media marketing, email marketing and content marketing with this wonderful tool.

If you are ready to take advantage of these tools to dominate your local online market, employ the most expert firm that offers holistic and competitive SEO in Minneapolis, Minnesota.