Thursday, March 12, 2015

Social Media Networking: 5 Tips for a Progressive Twitter Campaign

Twitter is indeed one of the most celebrated social media platforms today. For this reason, most social media networking in Mesa, Arizona are centered in capitalizing Twitter and juicing its benefits for website owners. Apart from reaching your prospective and existing audience, Twitter also lets business owners to create professional relationships with them, which often lead to a stronger brand awareness and amplification.

Engagement in Twitter covers interactions such as Tweets, Retweets, Favorites, Mentions and Replies. However, you cannot harvest these wonderful benefits if you only have a few targeted and loyal followers in Twitter. So, if you are really planning to embark on a Twitter campaign, brace yourself for the various challenges. With the purpose of helping you get started, here are some tips you can follow:

#1: Set Realistic Goals
Be warned that amplifying your Twitter following necessitates lots of time and effort. So instead of setting out short-term objectives, better set realistic and tangible ones in order to avoid turning your investment into nothing. In fact, setting out realistic objectives would help you map out where the campaign is heading to.

#2: Make Sure that Your Website is Appealing Enough
Keep in mind that you are using Twitter for a main purpose – to drive traffic into your main website. This is a continuous process, so it is ideal for your website to do most of the talking; and you cannot achieve it with a lame website. So before eyeing to use Twitter as a traffic funnel, make sure that your website content, features and designs are appealing and worthy of checking out. In addition, ensure also that all your content can be easily shared in different social media platforms, not just Twitter, so that you can acquire decent amounts of links and mentions.

#3: Leverage the Role of Influencers
Similar to any social media platform, Twitter is a virtual community where people exchange their opinions, thoughts and ideas about something – whether it is a social issue, a surprising and revealing infographics, or anything new about our society. As you can surmise in a community, there are people who are authoritative and have strong influence on others. They have reached this prominent status because of their contributions or ideas. The good news is, you can leverage their roles by tapping them to share to their own set of networks in your content. If your content is really interesting and insightful, the word will easily spread throughout Twitter.

#4: Conduct Contests
A lot of people love freebies and contests! So, make sure to capitalize on these events not only to increase the number of followers, but to also enhance your business relationship with them.

#5: A/B Testing Your Tweets
You can also test your tweets! Keep an eye on tweets that yielded great amount of engagement and tweak those that don’t receive any engagement at all.

If you need professional help in executing these tips, you can always hire a seasoned company that offer a wide range of SEO marketing in Mesa, Arizona