Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Web Design’s Role in Making the Website “Look” Faster

For business websites and e-commerce store owners in Tennessee, website speed is an integral facet because they are eyeing for conversions. Nevertheless, there are things that they cannot execute beyond the technical aspects of improving the response and loading time of the website. Unfortunately, the speed of a website should not be left unattended because the faster the website loads, the faster the user can also sign up, browse, or finish their purchase. Needless to say, this is the most important benefit of having a prompt website. Recently, professional website designers as well as website developers in Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee have been seeing a lot of websites that aim to “look” fast.

Adjustments You Can Execute
There are loads of things you can tweak or modify to make your website “appear” fast that go beyond the standard technical aspect. For example, how you organize and align the fields of a sign-up form, or limit the quantity of fields, can actually pose a great impact on the user’s perception about that form.

In detail, there is actual difference between horizontal and vertical alignment of the fields in a sign-up form. The trick lies on how you arrange them to make the whole sign-up form look faster and easier to finish. In the perspective of your users, this whole process will seem very fast, and as a result, they will sign-up on your website. In addition, the strategic utilization of animations can also improve the idea of your website being easy, convenient and fast to navigate.

Let us take the old sign-up page of Tumblr as an example. Their sign-up page is clutter-free and only highlights three fields on top of the “Start Posting” button. Therefore, the visitor only needs to fill-up three fields: their email address, password, and desired URL. What’s more is that, all these fields are arranged horizontally, which is very effective in showing visually that the sign-up form can be accomplished in no time.

If the page you are designing also includes an important CTA (call to action), it is imperative for your users to immediately notice it. The faster they can see it, the faster they can also act on this CTA. Although technically this is not “fast” in the sense of tracked time, it will do wonders on the part of your visitors.

When designing your website, you can definitely take advantage of this changed perception of users about your website’s speed and ease of use. Keep this concept in mind, and you are surely one step ahead of the competition. If you need expert help in accomplishing the above-mentioned adjustments, you can always hire seasoned companies that offer a gamut of web design and web development services in Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee.