Monday, March 16, 2015

Web Graphic Design: Essential Information You Should Know About Parallax Scrolling

The internet has never been this visually-appealing. About 25 years ago, the internet started as a network of networks only used chiefly for information exchange. Today, it has transformed into a very broad digital landscape where most people virtually meet. Over the past years, every talented web and graphic designer in Miami, Florida started popping out and reinventing web design. Without a doubt, this “reinvention” chiefly prioritizes the website’s aesthetic design, information structure and user-friendliness.

Among these distinguished web design trends today is the “parallax scrolling.” Provided below are some information you ought to know about this technique.

What is Parallax?
In a nutshell, parallax is an optical occurrence where there is evident displacement of an object as seen from two or more different points that are not in line with the object. In other words, we see an object change its movement depending on our position.

As a matter of fact, we come across this kind of optical phenomenon every single day. For instance, when you are inside a vehicle, all the objects near your position such as the lampposts or roadside will move very quickly. The objects that are farther such as trees, buildings or electrical posts will surely move more slowly than the objects near you. As you can expect, the objects that are farthest from your vision (like the sun) will appear to be not moving at all. This change in perceived motion position is what we call as parallax.

Dynamic Scrolling
The arrival of parallax in the context of web and graphic design in Miami, Florida has undoubtedly transformed the interaction between website and its visitors from mere clicking to laid-back scrolling. Given the reality that loads of websites today are adopting a single webpage structure, scrolling becomes an integral function in order for them to provide the best user experience. Nevertheless, this kind of technology is still centered on making the visiting experience a more dynamic and engaging one.

In application, parallax is one of the most illustrious trends because it uses different background layers that move at various speeds once the users start to scroll. A handful of professional and expert designers are deeming parallax scrolling as the future of the web design industry. So, if you want your website to have this kind of trend, better employ a seasoned company that specializes in web and graphics design in Miami today!