Monday, April 13, 2015

Don’t Simply Jump into the Bandwagon: Know How to Properly Use Hashtags!

Hashtags are everywhere around the web today. However unlike other trends, the popularity of hashtags is not only because of the hype. As a matter of fact, seasoned marketers in California affirmed its efficiency especially for corporate brand development in Oakland, California. That is one main reason why hashtags have become an important part of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, as a corporate identity, why should you care about this? Hashtags are a great way to acquire traffic from the above-mentioned social media websites. For example, posts and tweets with catchy and relevant hashtags could generate twice more engagements than those without hashtags. Engagement is only part of the story. With good hashtags, you can also increase your traffic and amplify your brand popularity.

With the purpose of helping you leverage hashtags, here’s a quick guide on using hashtags in different social media platforms:

#Hashtag Defined
Basically, this is a social media tagging system that is made to categorize posts and content. For instance, clicking the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT will show you all posts and pictures that contain their old pictures or something that is worth bringing back. For this reason, this tagging system provides two values: (1) your post can be viewed by anyone who is interested in your hashtag even those who are outside your network, which leads to (2) expansion of your reach in social media.

Hashtag Guide in Social Media

  • Twitter – Based from a study, the optimal number of hashtag in a tweet is one or two. Using more than two in a tweet usually results to a decreased engagement (clicks, replies, retweets and favorites). Furthermore, 40% of tweets with relevant hashtags receive more retweets.
  • Facebook – When Facebook launched its hashtag support system in 2013, it did not work quite so well like in other social media platforms. Nevertheless, as more and more users are getting used to it, the level of interaction with hashtags started to develop. Just like in Twitter, 1-2 hashtags is the ideal for having the maximum level of interaction. In detail, about 593 interactions can be acquired by a post with 1-2 relevant hashtags.
  • Instagram – This is another “social media hotspot” for hashtags. However, hashtags and engagement work differently in Instagram compared to Facebook and Twitter. The optimal number of hashtags in this social media to get the maximum number of engagement is 11 or more. Inserting 11 or more relevant hashtags can increase your post’s engagement up to 80 percent!
  • Google+ - This platform also works quite differently in terms of hashtags because it automatically provides hashtags on your post based on its content. However, you can still add or edit its hashtags. Another good thing is that it allows you to add a hashtag on your comments which obviously doubles the chance of your post being found by other readers/users.

If you want to take full advantage of hashtags to progress your social media marketing campaign, you can always hire an expert search engine marketing firm in Oakland, California