Tuesday, April 7, 2015

E-commerce 2015: Trends that are Dominating the Industry

E-commerce retailers and merchants in New York strongly believe that 2014 was indeed a lucrative year for the e-commerce industry. Across the world, the industry has recorded a massive $1.3 trillion worth of annual sales. In addition to that, the number of American consumers who chose to purchase online is invariably increasing. Nonetheless, seasoned companies that offer e-commerce solution in New York City, New York anticipate this noteworthy proliferation to get even better this year.

In order to support development, most New York-based e-commerce stores and merchants are gearing towards providing the best customer experience to drive more traffic and sales.

Provided below are five trends that are dominating the industry today:

#1: Implementing Responsive Design
A massive 66 percent of the time spent on e-commerce stores is from various mobile devices, and six out of 10 leave the website right away if it is not mobile-friendly. Given this data, user experience optimization across different devices with various screen sizes is becoming a top priority. In today’s web design standards, having a responsive design layout can immensely draw in traffic, enhance client satisfaction, and better conversion.

#2: Apple Pay
Last 2014, Apple established its payment system for brick-and-mortar stores. This year, however, the company has been discovered laying down partnerships with different online service providers. This move by Apple clearly indicates their long-term plans for brick-and-mortar commerce. Indeed, if Apple Pay joins the e-commerce game, this will be a game changer both for e-commerce merchants and online customers.

#3: Content and Commerce
This year, most e-commerce websites will integrate content into their commerce strategy to give their shoppers more quality reasons to come back. Anyway, having a good content is also expedient for overall website development in New York such as branding, SEO and marketing. 

#4: Focus Videos
By 2017, Cisco anticipates that 69 percent of internet traffic from online customers would be videos. Because of the fact that online shoppers look for responsive layouts and grow more appreciative of visual presentations, videos will definitely become an important asset to show product details.

#5: Total Remarketing
The continuous growth of mobile has paved the way for providing good services to clients who are always “on the go.” For this reason, e-commerce stores can now reach them whenever and wherever they are. Additionally, the popularity of Facebook in the social media world has made it easier for them to reach off-site customers. Consequently, we will be seeing a total remarketing in the e-commerce industry that is centered on Facebook’s power in terms of ROI.

As you can notice, majority of e-commerce trends this year are focused on enhancing customer experience. If you need expert assistance in doing these five trends, you can always turn to professional firms that offer complete web development services from web design, to SEO, and to web hosting and maintenance in New York City.