Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Website Creation vs. Facebook Page Creation

So you are certain to establish your business presence online. One side highly recommends that website creation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma should be your main priority, while the other side suggests that creating a Facebook page is a more pragmatic decision to make.

What will you choose first?

Certainly, you are not the only business owner who went through such quandary. In point of fact, a website and a Facebook page are both great options and are necessary for a thriving business. Nonetheless, you need to select one to prioritize. This choice is very important especially for startups, because it will drive their path of success in online business marketing.

Facebook Page
Facebook has made it very easy for users to create a page. Setting up a page can be done in less than five minutes. Just fill in the necessary information, draft your first post, and you could reach hundreds to thousands of users in just a week. Needless to say, giant social media platforms such as Facebook offer businesses with unequalled benefits when it comes to reaching their target users, endorsing their services or products, and making their brand more popular. Furthermore, a Facebook page also allows businesses to enhance their client relations without spending too much.

Nonetheless, the best web development company in Oklahoma City would recommend business owners to consider having their own website, especially if they want to become successful in the long run.

Here is the reason why:

Developing a Website
In reality, you do not own your Facebook page. Facebook can alter its policies and regulations, lose some of their data, or close their operation all at their own volition. Moreover, not all your target audience is in Facebook. For instance, most Facebook users in the U.S. are women within 18 to 25 years of age. What if your business offers men or children’s apparel?

Another point is that, showing a Facebook URL to your prospective clients does not deliver a professional tone. Some customers opt to do business with companies that have their own website URL. Hence, having your own website is actually important on how your business will be perceived by your prospective clients.

Even though a Facebook Page will cost you virtually nothing, creating your own website is not that costly as you think. There are companies that provide expert yet cost-efficient web development solutions in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Capitalize these services because the investment is worthy. The moment you have “http://www.myownwebsite.com,” your business is geared towards the lucrative and successful path.