Monday, May 4, 2015

What is Search Engine Marketing?

A lot of business owners who are based in Philadelphia usually interchange some online marketing terms such as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). They are quite unaware that learning the difference between these terms is crucial in advancing their search engine marketing campaign in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Because of this, this blog post shares information to help business enterprise owners differentiate SEM from SEO.

Definition of SEM
Professional and seasoned search engine marketers in Philadelphia will surely agree that SEO creates the foundation of a successful and healthy online marketing. Nevertheless, SEO is only part of a broader picture called SEM. During the early 1990s, copywriters wrote mainly for prints, and then sent these copies via mail. Of course, the television has changed that, and with the advent of internet, copywriting is forced to adjust again.  

Creating a marketing copy without a strategic SEM plan is like drafting a really good copy but failing to send it to target readers. SEM campaigns exist in order for marketers to effectively distribute their content to their audience via available online channels.

SEM is the big umbrella that covers SEO, different types of paid search, and social media marketing. All these greatly determine how your readers will find your content. Having a fair grasp on these technical factors will help writers to produce a technical and creative copy.

How Copywriting Has Changed Over Time
Generally, the copywriting world saw two major changes since its inception. The first mainly comprise the technical demands to become competitive, and the second is the way how content is distributed and consumed nowadays. As the online marketing landscape continues to evolve, so is the technical demands in order to become competitive. Such “demands” include the skills to optimize internet usage along with its hardware. The second change covers all the facets that the marketer cannot control in terms of content dissemination and consumption. This includes the internet itself, together with the device the audience use to access their content.

Technical Requirements for Having a Firm SEM Campaign
In order to have an effective and thriving SEM campaign, the copywriter needs to work within a team that has specialists in these areas:

  • SEO – the traffic generated by organic search will be more beneficial for the company in the long run.
  • Paid Search – paid search, specifically pay-per-click, is a great avenue to test their keywords and refine their call-to-actions.
  • Programming – programmers are the ones tasked with the implementation of required structural adjustments to yield better results.
  • User Experience (UX) – the guys tasked with improving the UX make sure that the website is friendly both in pc and mobile users.
  • Social Media Marketing – these marketers are assigned with developing the brand in social media for better audience engagement and traffic conversion.
  • Analytics – Finding out which area is delivering satisfying results, and subsequently allot more budget to them.

Business owners cannot ignore the benefits of marketing their business online. So, if you need expert help, you can employ professional companies that offer competitive search engine marketing services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania