Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alt Tags

Perhaps, you have heard of the words “alt tags” from your search engine optimization specialists in Wichita, Kansas. However, what really is an alt tag? This blog post shares five things you probably did not know about it:

#1: Their Actual Name
To be precise, alt tags are more correctly named as “alternative attributes of an image tag.” In detail, it is a modifier that provides descriptive information regarding the image that is included in an individual image tag within an HTML code page. The descriptive information provided by the alt attribute is actually useful not only for those who are visually impaired, but for search engine spiders as well. Since search engines cannot read images, alt attributes are important for the website’s effective crawling and navigation by search engine spiders.

#2: It is a Single Element in a Bigger Image Tag

There are many elements in a single image tag.

  • Alt Attribute – the description
  • Width and Height Attributes – define the height and width at which the image will be displayed
  • SCR Attribute – identifies which image file is to be displayed
  • IMG Tag – displays images on the page

Based on these, “alt tags” are not actually tags – they are attributes! It is like pointing to a motorbike and calling it a car. Of course, we all know that they both belong in a single category which is “vehicles,” but these are still different.

#3: Alt Attributes Can’t Replace Texts
Contrary to popular belief, alt attributes cannot replace textual content in the page. In fact, no other quality element can replace it. If your search engine optimization strategy depends solely on images with no descriptive content, then expect that your web page will have a hard time ranking in search engines.  

#4: Alt Attributes are for SEO Purposes Only
Although alt attributes are a good ranking signal, they should not be confined within your SEO mindset only. Keep in mind that alt attributes are originally created to improve your website’s accessibility.

#5: Not All Image-based Content Necessitate Alt Attributes
A lot of images need alt attributes, but not all. If your website utilizes lines, space, bullets, and other purely design-oriented images, writing alt attributes is not actually required. If you do not know which images need an alt attribute, prudently consider the image’s navigational or descriptive value first before assigning an alt attribute for it.

If you need help in writing or overhauling your current alt attributes, do not hesitate to call out a professional Wichita search engines marketing company.