Sunday, August 2, 2015

Popular Online Platforms that Advertisers and Business Owners Capitalize On

Over the last decade, the strategies in advertising have changed radically as a result of rapid technological advancement. Print advertisements as well as TV commercials have lost their prominence, because advertisers see the internet as a bigger opportunity to reach a much wider audience. Needless to say, the roles of digital marketers and search engine optimization experts in Wichita, Kansas have also developed exponentially.

In this blog, we will talk about how advertisement works in the current online industry.

Google: AdWords and AdSense
A very huge chunk of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. In fact, their platforms AdWords and AdSense have constituted 88% of their overall $57 billion revenue last 2013. AdWords is actually a marketing strategy that allows advertisers and companies reach a larger audience by making client websites appear well on search engine result pages as advertisements. AdSense, on the other hand, also provides companies to enhance their reach by placing advertisements on other websites that can produce click rates and traffic into them.

Search Engine Optimization
Although taking the route of AdWords and AdSense can sometimes produce higher search results in Google, there are still organic ways to achieve similar results without going over the budget. This is where a professional search engine optimization company in Wichita, Kansas comes into the picture. Aside from considering how search engines operate, the SEO company will also analyze the keywords in their client’s pages, and how their target audience carry out searches so that traffic and conversion rates will be boosted.

Of course, when all the best practices are carried out, this doesn’t always guarantee the top results. Keep in mind that SEO is a continuous and long-term undertaking. But, on the bright side, achieving a good ranking in a natural way will also help you reap benefits and traffics for the long-term.

Social Media Marketing
Because of the fact that different social media platforms embrace a lot of features that connect people through information dissemination and shared experience, the social media as a whole is seen as a huge driver of traffic into one’s website. For this reason, social media marketing emerged, and it is actually measured by engagement or impressions. The latter evaluates the number of time an advertisement in a certain social media channel is seen even if it is not clicked. Engagement, on the one hand, is measured by assessing the conversations and interactions between the audience and the brand.

Final Words

If you want to measure the success of your internet advertisements, playing with search and web analytics can be a good head start to quantify the number of impressions and engagements. If you need professional help, hiring a seasoned company that offers professional search engine optimization marketing in Wichita is also a sound decision to make.