Friday, October 23, 2015

Web Design: Pitfalls Every Business Website Must Avoid

Regardless of the size, nature, and niche of a business in Raleigh, having a website has become a necessity rather than an option. However, the entire process of designing and developing a website can be very time-consuming and complicated. Even the most experienced at web design jobs in Raleigh, North Carolina occasionally commit mistakes in the process. Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls that could totally ruin your website’s existence.

To help business owners avoid a pain in the neck when launching a website, here are some cringe-worthy mistakes to keep an eye on:

#1: Opting for a Background Music
Unless you are providing disc jockey services or handling music artists, you should avoid having this option. Gone are the days of playing background music while your website loads fully. Nowadays, the web standards are centered on providing the best user experience, which include having a prompt loading response and hassle-free navigation. A background music will only slow down your site’s loading speed, which can subsequently cause annoyance to your visitors. Also, they might not like your music choice and put them off eventually.

#2: Non-responsive Layout
With the growing traffic coming from the mobile devices, it will be huge miss if your website and graphics designs are not responsive. Actually, you can attract more customers especially those who are always on the go if you opt having a responsive layout.

#3: Unbalanced Design Colors
In terms of selecting the most appropriate colors for a website, a lot of designers base their decision from their gut feeling. However, there is actually science behind the combination colors. Therefore, before implementing any mixture of colors in the final design, a little research would help. Always remember that a good color harmony is very important in making your website striking and visually-appealing.

#4: Unwelcoming User Interface
In some occasions, there are website owners who only care about their own preference regarding the design of a website. Unfortunately, this can be a huge pitfall because the decision must be contingent on the preference of your target market. In the long run, having an inimical user interface would put your website into a disadvantage when it comes to traffic acquisition and conversion.

#5: Having No Index
Once your website is live, it is important for search engines to index it. Therefore, make sure all the meta tags and descriptions are in place, as well as the sitemap and robots.txt file.

If you need professional help in executing all the above-mentioned steps, you can always turn to expert companies that provide a holistic web development in Raleigh, North Carolina.