Sunday, December 29, 2013

Collaborating Web Graphic Designs with Clients

A successful collaboration depends on how well a Client and a designer understand each other. Regrettably, during this repetition between clients and designers, clashes inevitably occur. Prospects may not know what their design preferences and web developers may lack information of the client’s business. Common clashes like a client wants a website that looks good while the web designer wants a project that worthy of their portfolio.
So the main point here is: To have a successful collaboration, it depends on how well both parties understand each other. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:
Understand the client - It is the most vital factor when collaborating. It's common knowledge that any project of any subject for that matter will fail if poor communication is imminent.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Another Online Search Engine Optimization Myth Answered

The web is like a version of those hypnagogic landscape paintings created by countless excellent minds, with almost anything susceptible to improvement on a daily basis. As a result, the majority of search engines are kept up to date as well, improving progressively as an effort to realize their goal of delivering the very best relevant results, whatever keyword research & analysis or keyword phrases being used. A paralyzing question to SEO experts concerning their directory submissions will be answered in this blog.  
Many SEO specialists are already overlooking directory links as a means of obtaining more PR, and this is a result of the belief that they perceive them to end up being obsolete-replaced by more streamlined search engines like Google. Then again, regardless if these directories’ SEO values are already depreciating over the years, it cannot be declared to have absolutely no worth whatsoever. Many websites make use of directory submissions as a way of enhancing their whole search engine marketing campaign, primarily to enhance their backlink profile through them. Websites having a consistent yet distinct profile for backlinks employ directory submissions as a way to achieve more page rank for a variety of targeted terms. Plus, recently launched websites utilize several trustworthy free internet directories in order for them to build-up a stable backlink profile. Additionally, multiple long-tail keywords being an anchor text for these submissions exhibit a progressively improved ranking in search engines.

Hence, taking all of these variables into account, it implies that internet directory pages still have a great value. Conduct a manual submission because a human reviewer will scrutinize your website before approving it, which experts claims that it increases your website’s value in terms of relevancy and overall user experience. To cut the long story short, all these directories are very crucial to your search engine optimization and marketing campaign, especially if you wish to build a dependable, lasting backlink profile.

Friday, December 20, 2013

What Pre-existing Custom Web Design Frameworks Can Awesomely Do

These days, pretty much any website incorporates a pre-existing design template that may have already been developed website design service providers or simply downloaded via the internet. Building a website entirely from scratch is often a rarity and has been viewed as for the most part, inefficient in practicing any web graphic design. Nevertheless, if it was done from the very beginning, a developer may gain a much deeper familiarity with a website’s composition and layout and at the same time, conveniently manipulate the website to match the client’s needs.

Listed below is a set of different advantages of employing frameworks in web graphic design.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Online Search Engine Optimization Tip: How Not To Fish Scams

A lot of agencies around offering cost-effective proposals with the promise of granting your ultimate end goal in just a short while -to be the top first page ranker exist. Rationally speaking, this is pretty hard to accomplish and might take years of rigorous SEO plan and strategy for it to actually work. To help you identify scams we’ve compiled a short summary of their M.O.’s.
1. Free Trials
A handful of self-proclaimed service providers will offer you tempting packages like 15 or even 30-day demo period for their services. They prey on new companies and businesses. Sadly most of them are lured by it. Frankly, a search engine marketing campaign for even just a month is already a huge boost. But for free? No legitimate company would do this! This is a plot to get your personal and business-related information. Why? Think of any spy movie and the dangers of being compromised. Companies following the correct search engine optimization and marketing however may include free one or two services for you. In short, free service - suspicious.

Friday, December 13, 2013

What a Successful Website Design Firm Does to their Designs

Trending sites made by a leading website design firm have one thing in common. The majority of them possess a clean, fresh and simple design. Putting it simply, the web design is aesthetically sleek. In an effort to realize this objective of a clean, pleasing, and cool web design, let's leak some secrets, these are:

Tip #1. Complex and then Simple

Visual element positioning and styling is a crucial portion of the design practice. There may be a notion, but an accomplished end product is only achieved with trials of seeing which variable goes well in that particular web graphic design. Even so, when looking for a simple design, some creative designers exercise the art of being a minimalist. This often leads to a boring and mundane page. To prevent this, the idea would be to let your imagination reign and allow the design to be primarily sophisticated. From there, it will then be easier to simplify it and take out what's not necessary; from complex to simple.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Web Development Solutions Suggests SEO - Protect Your Site

A relatively slight detail can make or break your standing with Google and other engines in existence -that’s your website URL. So what on earth should you do to eliminate penalties when modifying URLs or when redesigning a website? SEO and website developers alike should employ these practices. Take these simple yet effective steps:
1. 301 Redirects
This is significant because this is deemed as the most crucial measure in reorganizing your website once the URLs change. 301 redirects in essence pass the worth of the old URL to the newer one, which retains your page rank in Google’s SERPs. It’s similar to utilizing the old URL’s to point to the new ones, so making it redirect to a page that doesn’t exist will cost loads of problems and anguish of being banned. Take note: a horrible 301 redirection approach can cost you a considerable amount of SEO marketing campaign.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Web Hosting and Maintenance 101: Getting Google’s Good Side

In agreement to many of the SEO teachings available online from SEO specialists, escaping, avoiding and/or removing unnatural sites is no easy task.

Nevertheless, Google highly suggests that anybody hit with an unnatural link penalty should resolve the situation utilizing Lynx text-based web browser. To those in the web hosting and maintenance industry, this is very helpful.

It is because Lynx enables a site to be perceived much in the same way that a search engine spider might. Thus, it shows that search engines will have difficulty crawling the site. Simplicity undoubtedly has its place in modern web graphic design.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Is Hashtag for Search Engine Marketing Good?

Hashtags – is a heavily used term that SEO marketing specialists use as one of their ranking factors. You as an inexperienced individual can also use this term. This is one of the secrets of internet marketing. You should try it too. Boost your business like a pro!

So what exactly is a hashtag? Is it useful?

Yes, it is important. This function as a link to related subjects which will then re-linked with other relevant topics to make it easier for viewers to find information. This has turned into one of web development companies use to advertise their products and services. Once a word is hashtagged, account users of that certain networking internet site will see it. Even non-
followers will be able to view it, making it a fantastic means of sharing information.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Is SEO’s Keyword Optimization Finally Dead Because Of Long Tail?

Since the November update of Google, the newest algorithm has shaken the SEO industry. Hummingbird brought tremendous effect psychologically to Internet Marketers especially to SEO and SEM professionals. Fortunately, the update focuses on semantic search  enhancement. News, blogs, reviews and speculations flung here and there about its negative effects to the industry. 

To people afraid of changes hummingbird will obviously inflict serious damages, but to those who’re always ready it’s their long awaited opportunity to beat their competitors.

Monday, December 2, 2013

4 Critical Parts Of Your Website You Should Optimize For

If your entire business plan relies on good search engine results, you must be willing to spend a great deal of time and money to achieve them. And the  most effective way to achieve this is through search engine optimization. But before you start your campaign, making sure that your own website is fully optimized is the fundamental starting point.

Image Optimization

In virtually any website, images add more color and life which attracts the attention of visitors. They’re regarded as vital for businesses such as online stores, which have grown trendy these

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Busting the Most Common Myths About Internet Directories

Today, search engines actually hold a lot of influence on a website’s visibility, that’s why people who own websites make sure that they have good search engine marketing and optimization strategies, like writing quality content and doing backlink auditing. But some SEO experts have concluded that internet directories are a thing of the past and that submitting their link to these sites do not account for much. 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about directory submission sites, which are in fact still important to promoting your websites; it might have lost some of its value as an SEO strategy—with it being replaced by more convenient search engines, but it’s still quite vital in ensuring a better page rank. This becomes more apparent when it comes to backlink profiles, as websites that submit to directories build up a good network of inbound links highly priced by Google and other search engines.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shopping Cart? The Best and Fastest eCommerce Solution

Adding a Shopping Cart to your website can be considered the best e-commerce solution for your business. Choosing the right shopping cart for your website can greatly boost the sales of your products sold online. This informative article will help you identify the right shopping cart platform for you. FAQ’s below are provided to help you get started.

What‘s a Shopping Cart?

This is best illustrated by visiting retailer sites. You can easily identify a Shopping Cart Icon or a grocery basket. The purpose of it is to increase profit, marketability and exposure of your goods online.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Get on the Groove through CMS integration

When it comes to the World Wide Web, content plays an important role. Base on Google’s specifications, the content of a website has to be updated routinely. This affects the ranking of a website to a large scope. The new indexing system has made it necessary for websites to have a quality and updated content in order to achieve better search engine rankings. This is where CMS Integration comes in. Below is a summary of what it does:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Google Hummingbird’s Effect to your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

During Google’s 15th birthday last September 27, 2013, Google Hummingbird - the new algorithm was launched. Hummingbird was built to improve the search results for end-users.

This means that for many SEO marketing firms employing black hat techniques and "tricks" to try and force their client's sites to the top of Google, are in for a hard and painful future as they will now completely be forced to re-learn their trade. But what does the new update affect online businesses relying on SEO companies?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords – Less Competition, Higher Rank

A lot of experts in the field of online search engine optimization often regard keyword research as an integral part of optimizing a website. Most of the time, though, they focus on the “head” keywords—meaning popular keywords that are more frequently searched in search engines. To give a more concrete example, “car repair” is considered as head keywords, while “compare prices car repair Texas” are long tail keywords. Those who are just starting with the SEO field just tend to give their sole attention to head keywords for site optimization or by availing of pay-per-click campaigns.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Internet Directories can do for You – Good SEO!

Built by the sheer efforts of editors, who carefully select what link should be included in their website, Internet directories are still considered to be vital for online search engine optimization. These websites are owned by real
people, and therefore, you as a website owner should know their guidelines
and understand their goals as a directory for your link to be accepted.

This is really crucial despite the fact that directories are smaller and more exclusive, compared to their successors, the search engines. Still, though good internet directories shouldn’t be disregarded, since more often than not, they have a partnership with search engines. This means that the top results from the search engine searches come from internet directories before the spidered results.

There are other benefits with submitting your link to an online directory though, and these are:

It gives you targeted website traffic.
When submitting your link to a web directory, the editors behind it will sort your link to the proper category, even if you unwittingly submit it in the wrong place. This is to ensure that the directory will find the right websites for people (and search engines) based on the category they’re looking for. This is very helpful, since it delivers people that would actually be interested in your website, thus helping your search engine marketing campaign.

It gives you one-way inbound links.
These types of links are really valuable to search engines in determining the reliability and credibility of your website. This is even more so for trustworthy directories, which could really aid you in building a good backlink profile. In addition to that, web directories don’t expect you to put their link in your website in return. This is to ensure that they won’t incur penalties from link-exchanging strategies since this is actively discouraged by search engines.

Submitting your link to various trustworthy web directories won’t hurt your website’s search engine marketing and optimization efforts. And since you’re dealing with humans, this request should also include ethics and the right communication skills, as the decision for this is done manually—meaning human reviewers will actually go to your website and experience it firsthand to be able to make sure that it delivers relevancy and good user experience.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Going Mobile – The Future is Here!

With the advancements in technology, our phones are becoming progressively handier than any other gadget made in the last decades. Their functionality is constantly expanding—from simple communication devices, they became something much more: a music player, a calculator, a radio and their most important feature is their internet connectivity, which actually makes them something close to a more compact and portable computer, even surpassing the already portable tablet. Thus, the anticipated future rise of mobile devices had been realized and for that, online search engine optimization should be addressed accordingly.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SEO Scams – Don’t Fall Prey

Emerging companies today that want to build up presence in the internet depend on companies that offer online search engine optimization. Often, the worst mistake a company can make is to choose unscrupulous SEO companies that offer lucrative services, with promises of total hegemonic domination on the search results page because theoretically speaking, this feat can be achieved only through building up an enormously good reputation, which could happen in a span of years. If an SEO expert or firm offers you something along the lines of fast first page results in a matter of days, then that should be a warning sign for fraud.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Changing URLs – Redirects as Your Best Friends

Change is inevitable, and changing something in your website isn’t really an uncommon thing to do—in fact, most companies are using it to enhance their search engine marketing campaign, that’s why perfectly optimized URL’s can’t be achieved upon the website’s inception. Another reason why URL’s are changed can be reactive, like adapting to how search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to make a natural language search as possible as it could get. That’s why it’s really important to implement redirects so that the old link you have will be able to point to the newer one and retain its value to the search engine itself.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Playing the Game by the Rules – Avoid Underhanded Tactics

Looking to get banned from Google? Of course not! A website banned from Google’s search results page is dead meat, doomed to be lost in the deepest, darkest corners of the World Wide Web. But while everyone wants to have more page views, attaining it by using easy, lazy, underhanded tactics could pretty much kill its search engine marketing campaign. Some of these are:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Preventing Negative SEO through Backlink Auditing

Penguin 2.0, one of Google’s algorithm updates, imposed strict penalties to websites using black hat SEO tactics to move up in the search results page. This update basically crippled the unethical SEO professionals using these underhanded tactics…or so they thought. Today, negative SEO has changed its form, and now the same parameters imposed by the Penguin update are being exploited to bring down competitor websites, rendering their search engine marketing campaign useless. The most common method implemented by these black hat SEO experts is to point hundreds or thousands of negative backlinks to a website in order for its organic search ranking to go down or even eliminate them entirely from Google’s search index.

Webmasters use the Google-provided Disavow tool, which basically allows them to have some sort of protection from this kind of unethical attack and
retain the effectiveness of their good online search engine optimization campaigns. Alas, most of these webmasters only use the tool once their page suffers a drastically decreased web traffic caused by Google-imposed penalties, thinking that the website is operating under a black hat SEO strategy. Realistically speaking, the disavow link tool should be used to preempt these kinds of attack.

That’s why it’s really important to perform regular backlink audits, to ensure that low-quality links are identified and disavowed as soon as possible. It’s as important as building website reputation through linking. Auditing shouldn’t be considered an option because this is pretty simple to do—all that needs to be done is to download the backlinks from a backlink tool or a webmaster’s account, which will show all the links pointing to the website. This will help its search engine marketing and optimization by removing possible threats as soon as possible, leaving only reliable backlinks that would in turn give a legitimate boost to its search engine ranking.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Negative SEO – What is it?

Good online search engine optimization has been the best way of boosting page ranking, but some unethical website owners have been trying to delve into the art of Negative SEO, which basically involves a host of methods to lower down a targeted page’s rank. The most popular negative SEO tactic out there is Google Bowling, which basically involves spam links all pointing the targeted website to lower down or possibly even eliminate the webpage from the search results page completely.

There are two kinds of Google Bowling, depending on the duration of the attack. The one-time variety of this negative SEO tactic which only spans a single day, with the website being bombarded by hundreds or even thousands of spam links that could lead to a boosted website standing in a few days, but then once Google or other search engines catch up on what’s going on, they get penalized heavily. This is pretty effective because of the strict parameters set by the Penguin algorithm. However, continuous attacks are even more devastating, which could render an entire website unsearchable because this type of attack could span from 3 – 6 months, with thousands of bad backlinks being added for a single anchor phrase. This could ruin the website’s entire search engine marketing campaign, wasting lots of money and time. 

Negative SEO can only be countered by submitting disavows to the search engines for the unreliable links. There are webmaster tools that could help detect the bad links that could be the result of Google bowling, which could also be used as a precaution if there are sudden fluctuations with the website’s traffic. For that, Google has a disavow tool which allows webmasters to remove the spam links generated by this unethical search engine marketing solution. Couple this with better SEO campaigns, websites will be able to recover from this malicious attack and regain their lost traffic.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blunders in Mobile Web Designing – Can You Relate?

Mobile web graphic design has always been an issue with most websites today, because this kind of designing requires more consideration, and because viewing websites using mobile devices offers a different experience as opposed to websites viewed on traditional devices like computers.

Here are some of the common mistakes with mobile websites:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Good Web Design Cares

The internet is becoming more and more available for different types of people regardless of location, age, gender, social status and other defining aspects. With that being said, even people with visual disabilities use the internet on a daily basis, with their number even projected to increase in the coming years. Catering to this, a website design firm always recommends some features that could help enhance website experience to these visually impaired people.

With more than 53.2 million aged 45 and above in the US considered having visual ailments one way or another (18% of them legally blind), designing a website should implement these few features:

1. Higher-contrast webpage version. Some of the most common eye ailments (like cataracts) often reduce contrast sensitivity, which greatly affects the ability to distinguish subtle nuances of colors and certain brightness levels. With today’s websites having such high details and usage of subtle color gradients to produce a pleasing experience (to people with normal vision), it is really hard for these people to find a website they could truly enjoy.

Websites should have a page version with high-contrast between its elements and at the same time bold text to ensure maximum content readability. In addition to that, a website with good web graphic design should not implement scripting that could change the way users highlight elements. People with eye problems often highlight the text they’re reading to improve focus by increasing contrast.

2. Proper Color Combination for Action Items. Hereditary color blindness affects 8% and 0.5% of the entire male and female human population respectively, in varying degrees. An important factor to consider when designing buttons and other items is the color combination, especially if their function requires immediate user attention.


It takes a lot of consideration to have a website that works for people that have eye disorders while considering people with normal vision as well. But achieving a balance for this two can result to a really good website experience. For this matter, it’s really much better to get a company that offers a good website design service for best results.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Advantages of Using Pre-Existing Frameworks

There are many debates about the use of frameworks in web graphic design. Frameworks give a web graphic design structure and direction. It makes the job a lot easier and faster. This is especially helpful for web designers as they deliver quality products in creating their client’s websites.

In line with the use of frameworks, a lot of today’s web designers have opted to make use of a ready template that may have been created or downloaded over the internet. It is for the reason that the frameworks that are existing prior to a web graphic project has proven to be the most efficient approach. Although, if it was done from scratch, a designer can gain a deeper understanding of a website’s structure and design and at the same time, to easily manipulate the website to fit the client’s needs.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Search Engine Optimization: Content is Power

Search engines, and correspondingly search engine optimization, revolve around just one thing: Content. It is content that and its text-based nature that drives search engines to generate a list relative to the search query of a user. As such, there are what are known as content elements that determine the success or failure of and SEO process.

1. CQ: This stands for Content quality. The nature of content must be that of quality where a web graphic designer or owner of the content should ask themselves these guide questions to answer in order to keep their content fabrication on the track of quality:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Major Benefits of a Simple Web Design

When it comes to web designing, some would think that a simple design might not have the pizzazz to go head to head against the other million websites out there. However, several experts concur that keeping it simple is the best way of doing it. Simplicity does not mean scraping out everything interesting about your site. It is actually the opposite. Simplicity is keeping only those that are interesting and essential. You may not have overflowing content but what is in your site is substantial enough to serve its purpose. Here are the benefits of having a simple website:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Quality Content: The Heart of SEO

When we speak of search engine optimization, quality content almost always becomes the center of discussion. Is it important? Does this help increase SEO value? Does a business website have to provide quality content? These are among the common questions that arise, and for the hundredth time, the answer to these is yes, yes and yes. Quality content has a major impact to one’s SEO marketing campaign. For most experts in the field, they consider this as the heart of SEO.

While it is irrefutable that there are several elements that work together for a successful SEO strategy, so much like body parts functioning harmoniously, there is but only one heart and that is quality content. In recent years, several businesses rely solely on the popularity of their brand name to draw traffic to their websites. It is indeed important to have a solid ground on which the product or service name has been implanted, but this is not enough to keep you ahead. What if your competitor whose brand is equally established provides quality content on all the pages of its site – content that consumers find useful and interesting? Do you think you will lead the pack? Definitely not!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Four Essential Web Designing Factors You Should Not Ignore

Having a website is one of the effective SEO marketing strategies you can utilize for your business to reach a wider population. Several entrepreneurs would agree that web presence is essential especially with the billions of people who use the internet daily. It comes as no surprise therefore that several businessmen spend a lot for the creation and maintenance of a website. It’s a new way of reaching out to prospective clients.

Web designing also entails several rules to come up with a design that is striking, impressive, user-friendly and one that is tailored for SEO strategies. Your website is a direct representation of your business. If visitors are impressed with it, then they will likely patronize you products and services, and keep coming back for more! Here are some important things you need to keep in mind when designing a site:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Responsive Web Design and Its Benefits to Your Online Business

First impression is very important and this definitely applies to websites. One thing that immediately catches a visitor’s attention is the overall appearance of the site. If it is not appealing or interesting, then it may discourage the visitor from reading the content. So experts on web development services have come up with a very helpful approach that enhances the experience of users. This is called responsive web design.

As the name suggests, this approach is used by designers so that web pages will automatically respond and auto-fit on the device used to view it. Whether the device is a common desktop computer, a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the contents of the page will custom fit to the screen for a better viewing experience. This has gained popularity due to the major increase in the production of such mobile devices and because of the following benefits:

1. Better User Experience

Smaller devices like tablets and smartphones are there to make things more convenient but there is nothing more frustrating than opening a website and finding content or information missing because the web page does not fit on the screen of your device. With responsive web design, this will no longer be a problem because pages will custom fit to whatever device they are viewed on.

2. Easier to Maintain and Enhanced SEO Marketing Campaign

Having multiple versions of your site to accommodate several kinds of devices will be heavy on maintenance. With responsive wed design, you will only maintain a single site and add updates anytime without costing much and without a hassle. Consequently, you can also focus more on improving your content, links or your overall SEO of the site. Website reports and analysis will also be less burdensome

3. Increased Conversion Rates

With a site that automatically responds to any device, more customers will be able to easily see what you have to offer. Since you have more time to focus on your SEO, then you can improve your content and links to draw more traffic which poses a greater chance of bigger profits.

4. Prevent SEO Penalties

Having duplicate content and 404 errors are more common with multiple sites. These problems may lead search engines to penalize your site resulting to major drop in rankings or worse, to permanent blocking of your site. If you have only one website to maintain, then such problems will be more carefully monitored.

5. Less Expenses

Again, having a single site to maintain will be cost efficient. When you hire experts to work on your site, it is no brainier that the service rates for maintaining a single website is way cheaper than maintaining multiple versions. You can channel that extra expense on further developing your business.

In today’s modern times, you should step up when it comes to developing a search engine marketing campaign because with the increasing local and global competition in all kinds of businesses, you cannot afford to exclusively rely on traditional methods.  Responsive web design is one of the recent web development solutions that is certainly worth it!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Importance of #Hashtags in Social Networking

In today’s search engine marketing industry, social networking definitely has a great impact. A lot of people or companies are already part of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linked-in and the like. However, there are still several questions that common people and businessmen ask about social networking and one of the most common queries is about the symbol “#” or as it has recently become popularly known as “hashtag.”

For North American English, the symbol “#” is known as the number sign. It is also sometimes referred to as the pound sign. In the large form that appears on telephones, it is called a square but for those in the music industry, they refer to this as a sharp. In recent years, this sign has gained another name in the social networking context as a “hashtag.” Now we ask, “Is this mandatory? Which words need hashtagging? Does this serve a purpose?”

Indeed, this has a purpose and it is not placed on tweets or posts just to make it look very technical and “in.” These are labels for contents likened to keywords that are used to organize messages on a social network, tying various related social posts to facilitate searching. While some use this simply for fun, others utilize it in their search engine marketing campaign to promote their products, services or their business in general.

Once you hashtag a word, all account users of that particular networking site will see it. Even those who are not following your content or tweets will see your posts. Thus, it becomes a great medium in promoting or sharing something.

Now, if you want to get started on this, here are certain things you need to keep in mind:

1. Make it simple. You do not want your post or tweet to be filled with hashtagged words and look like spam! It is advisable to hashtag about two to three words per tweet. With less hashtags, your readers will be directed to the content you want them to read more of.

2. Be unique. While there is no stopping you on using existing hashtags, this might cause confusion on the part of the readers. Before using one, it is best to first do a search on the social platform you intend to use it on. You might be surprised that some use such lines as their usernames, again causing confusion.

3. You can also make use of already existing hashtags which is usually inserted at the end of your tweet or other posts. This means you would want to enter the same discussion and would want to share something related to the topic that others might be interested in.

4. No space needed. If your keywords are “concrete flooring” then your hashtag should be #ConcreteFlooring and not #Concrete #Flooring as this indicates two different keywords: “concrete” and “flooring.”

5. Be honest. Never include content that is not related to the hashtagged word just to catch attention. Otherwise, people will not respond appropriately or may even report you as a spammer.

Using a #Hashtag is certainly a very useful method not only to share content and facilitate searching and grouping of related topics but also as an effective SEO marketing tactic. May this article have enlightened you on what a hashtag is so that you will appreciate it the next time you see one and maybe even try it out yourself.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Typography Tips to Remember When Improving Designs of Your Website

While colors and images tend to be the most important factors in creating your designs, typography keeps the readable part of you website neat and in order, putting a system for an easy read. This type work deals with the overall typeface such as font size and font style. With many people, including graphic designers, thinking that their job ends once they put these features altogether, they often overlook its ability to do more in achieving a good graphic design. The whole package of these visual elements can improve your website as well as increase your search engine optimization rankings. In order for you to fully reap its benefits, here are a few tips that can help you:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What to Know Before Choosing the Best Type of Web Hosting

With the never-ending changes in the web, more web hosting options have emerged and knowing the difference between the three of the most known hosting and maintenance types will help you choose the ideal hosting for your website. So before you decide, here are definitions of hosting server types:

Shared Hosting

In this service, you will be sharing the web space on the server. This means that thousands of other websites are in the same hosting server, sharing its bandwidth. If you are after a strict budget plan, this can be your best deal. This is the cheapest type of web hosting and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to install its options for your forum and blogging apps. This can be of use for any sites which do not receive an enormous amount of web traffic, such as small graphics design business websites. However, this can be slow and may be unreliable especially if there are many transactions happening within the server.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Promote Your Marketing Collateral through Email Marketing

The advent of Social Media is a factor why marketing collateral has gone digital. From simple printed materials like brochures and flyers, a new means of promoting your products and services to a well-defined intended audience online these days is through email marketing campaigns. And to help you make the most out of this, here are some of email marketing tips:

1. Identify your specific goals. As always, it is the first step to achieve an effective campaign. There are two primary objectives for your email marketing plan: one, to enhance existing relationships; and two, to drive customers’ responses. One way or the other, it needs to be fixed before starting in order to help you know your target market, select the appropriate marketing collateral that is based on their preferences, and gauge the metrics used for a successful promotion.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why Should You Start Blogging

Keeping a blog is the trend these days. While it is usually created to fulfill your personal pleasures or assignment purposes, it is also believed to be a powerful business building tool that works in sync with search engine optimization. It enables you to profile your expertise, promote your products and services, and increase traffic to your website. It is very challenging at first because you have to update your blog every now and then in order to get your website noticed online. However, once you get used to it, you will be encouraged as well as be overwhelmed with the benefits it will bring you over time. To give you an overview, here are some of the benefits of blogging.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Five Fundamental Tips to Boost SEO through Social Media

Social media is one of the most integral components in the building blocks of search engine optimization. These days, people are maximizing the use of blogs and other social media channels to boost their SEO rankings. Now, if you are planning to take your site to the next level, try these five tips to help you rank well in the search results.

1. Understand your audience. Since people who view your website are basically the reason why your site still exists, you should be able to know their behaviors and preferences for content, context, sharing, and publishing. Having these things in mind makes it easier for you to create and optimize content about those topics of interest and relevance which may have a great impact in your user experience and search visibility. And as companies struggle to understand where the social web fits within their marketing strategy, many of them are way ahead of others because of their social media monitoring program that allows them to tap into conversations and influencers.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Choose HTML5 for Creating Graphic Designs

“Flash is out, HTML5 is in.” This is the usual connotation when you heard of the new HTML standard. So why choose this for creating graphic designs? You may still have doubts in utilizing this code because it is not fully adopted, yet HTML5 can make your websites perform better and can give your users richer experience. But that’s not all there is to it. With this revolution, you can also earn the following advantages:

1. An easy access to different technologies. With Flash’s unavailability on other devices, you can count on HTML5 to connect a visual experience across channels, such as computer and tablet. It also works best for your mobile phones because this code is easier to incorporate web pages with your small screens.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tips for Fostering Good Client-Designer Relations

For a web design project, there are instances where possible misunderstandings can occur. The issue may be from a client where he or she may not know what they want out of a design, or from a web developer who may not know enough of the client’s industry. Nevertheless, the goal is for quality web design product so that the client receives a website that looks good and works, and the web designer attains a project that would be worthy of their portfolio.

In a nutshell, collaboration and understanding is the key. The collaboration must encompass both the understanding of the client’s needs is and the web developer’s skill to design that web site. For this to succeed, here are a few tips to remember:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

How HTML5 Aids Search Engine Optimization

All web developers use HTML in web design as it is the language that allows web designers to structure and present web content. This is what search engines read. The content also gives the structure in which search engines need to process a web page and determine its content. The processed contents are then passed through the search engine algorithms, ranked and optimized. The newest version of this platform is the HTML5, the bleeding edge of the HTML standard.

The HTML5, when comparing it to the previous version HTML4, has one difference that greatly aids in the process of search engine optimization. It can possibly impact search engine algorithms greatly and is known as its improved page segmentation.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Web Designing via Responsive Design or Mobile Application?

There is no question. Society has turned to mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets for most of their computer needs. Probability shows that three out of every five online searches are now conducted on a mobile device. Over the span of two years, there is an expectation of sales growth between 2012 and 2013, from 889 million mobile device units to over 1.4 billion.

These numbers only show the direction of where web design stands and where it is headed in correlation to the way users will typically consume mobile data and that is through mobile applications rather than web pages. Because of this, a dilemma arises.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 Web Files for Web Design Enhancement

A web design of any website should be optimally functioning at all times in order to generate high user frequency. In achieving this, designers would probably make use of more than five languages. There are, however, more simple yet powerful ways to enhance and improve a website without changing much of the code and that is to make use of the following 5 web files.

1. Robots.txt

A Robots.txt file can be used in place of exclusion commands, like an HTML
meta tag, in order to declare which parts of the website are off-limits to crawlers.

Monday, September 2, 2013

What Minimalistic Web Design Offers

It is the trend of modern web design to go minimalistic. This means that through subtle design elements and placement and styling of essential elements, an attractive graphic design that yields positive response can be achieved. This is not to say that a minimalistic web design is dull and flat. Instead, the aim is to give it a sleek and refined look for the user.

There are many benefits that a minimalistic modern web design can offer. Some of which include:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tips to a Clean and Simple Web Design

If one will take notice of the trending websites in the internet today, even if they have unique and individual web designs, one can agree that all can be described as having a clean and simple yet sleek web design. This clean design is not to be confused as dull and yet there is a sense of refinement that successfully attracts users. In achieving this clean and simple design, try and keep in mind these 3 helpful tips.

Tip #1. Build Down

In any design process, exploration should be fostered as visual element placement and styling is part of it. A designer will always have a concept, but it is never a complete end product off the bat. Elements are played around with to see what goes where in the graphic design. However, in aiming for a clean design, designers often end up with a dull or bland page. One sure fire way to avoid this is to build down. In other words, allow the design to be initially complex and then from there, simplify the design by omitting what is not necessary.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Personas and Stories Can Add to Web Design

Web developers always aim to produce quality works that please users and consequently their clients. They do so by taking into account the potential overall experience of users when coming across the web design of the website or the app.

One approach to this is by fabricating a persona and a story for that persona.
What are these personas and stories? A persona can be seen as a representation of a user experience design and aims to embody a representation of the target audience. A story is or scenario can be seen as the experience of the persona and its capabilities, reasons, goals, and motivations of a when faced with the web design. Both, although fictitious, are based on real data research for the closest resemblance to a potential user and their experience.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Twitter Tricks for Good Search Engine Marketing

Tweeting has become an international phenomenon wherein countless users share their comings and goings through the social media platform, Twitter. However, social convention isn’t the only way it can be used. Businesses have seen the merit in Twitter for branding and marketing purposes as it is a fast way in getting word out to people. As such, it has also been a good strategy in a search engine marketing campaign.

In search engine marketing, the key is for the Tweets to remain relevant and of good content. In order to keep Tweets search engine friendly, here are a couple of tips to be guided by.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Benefits of Instagram as a Way of Marketing

The main goal of a search engine optimization campaign is so that the website of a business, whether it is a product or a service, is to be seen by as many relevant viewers as possible and in turn be awarded high ranking in search engine result list which in turn will generate a higher chance for the website to be seen. One approach is by taking advantage of social media platforms.

The most popular trending in the digital worlds is photo sharing. Social media
platforms are buzzing with users and websites photo sharing images and videos.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best Tools from CSS3 for Graphic Design

CSS3 is the latest in the CSS platform line in graphic design. Many graphic designers have opted to use when the parameters are right because it makes the process of graphic design easier, not to mention faster, saving the project a lot of time and cost.

This platform has many tools and features that allow the web design to perform many functions. There are, however, five that prove to be the most useful and most essential for graphic designers. These five are as follows.

The first is the tool known as the CSS Layout Generator. As the name implies, it is directed to creating layouts. This generator makes it possible to create attractive layout that has the advantage of being downloadable as a zip file. Fluid and fixed column layouts can be drafted including its features such as headers, footers, and of course menus. Plus, designers can preview the layout in real time.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Keys to Having a Logo that Works

If you look at any shop or any website for that matter you will see a logo that is unique to that business. Having a logo is part of branding the business or product and has the purpose of making people remember the brand through a graphic representation. A logo should always aim to make an impact on people. For this reason, graphic designers make a considerable amount of considerations when conceptualizing logos. For their clients’ sake, the graphic design of the logo should be spot on. 

In order for a logo to be a successful logo, meaning it fulfills its purpose, it should have the following key qualities.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Every Designer’s Toolkit

What are graphic designers? Graphic designers are artist who are in charge of creating aesthetic web designs for websites. They are in the front lines when it comes to how appealing a website is in order for users to explore the website further. A good web design means a good first impression.  Through practice and projects, a designer, as with all artistic designers, would have developed a personal style and technique of their own. Nevertheless, each one would have a “toolkit” that contains what they need in making easier the creation of a graphic design.

Basically, in every designer’s “toolkit” are a set of resources that simplify the process of graphic design. Said resources can be categorized in to three types, namely graphic resources, code resources, and template resources.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I know What Search Engine Marketing Is…I think?

Any idea what search engine marketing is? Those familiar with the general idea of web development know how might be able to guess and define at as an extension of search engine optimization. True enough, search engine marketing is the promotion or advertising of websites by means of the result page generated by search engines, optimizing it and increasing its visibility. 

When users are in “hunt mode”, marketers provide the “hunting grounds” for them. “Hunt mode” is what is referred to as the time at which users scour the web by text box or by clicking through a directory hierarchy with the intent of either buying a product, soliciting service, or both. Marketers attempt to attract these users and lead them to the direction of the website they are marketing. Because of this resulting search engine traffic, the internet has become the ideal information hub spot for targeted traffic and has become the ideal playground for both organic (unpaid) listings and paid advertising listings.