Thursday, June 27, 2013

SEO Does Not…But Rather…

Search Engine Optimization is a key part of web development. It is included in the category of marketing where the goal is to generate high visitor frequency for a given website and to have the said website earn high rankings from a search engine such as Google or Bing. SEO’s is the maintenance of a website where a web page is "optimized” by ideally being in the first pages of a result list.  

Web development companies have generally the same approaches, though different strategies, when it comes to SEO marketing. Though over the course of the technology era, there have been a few misconceptions on the subject. 

These misconceptions are either out of date, meaning they were true at one point but no longer, or just a misunderstanding. Below are examples of the most common myths about the search engine optimization process. 

Meta tag Descriptions. There was a time when meta tag descriptions played a part in the awarding of rankings to websites by search engines. This is no longer the case. The algorithms used by search engines such as Google do not index these descriptions and thus play no part in the decision of rank awarding. However, these meta tag descriptions, which are located under the url in a keyword search result list, provide a helpful aid in allowing users to have a general idea of what the page is about.

Inbound Linking. Some believe that a massive amount of inbound linking plays a part in SEO quality. Though incorrect, there is some truth to this if, and only if, that amount of inbound links is related to the subject of the original website. Useless linking is not proper SEO practice.

Tricking Search Engines. A lasting SEO service has no need for such things. It is not a game where the goal is to make search engine rank the website high with shortcuts or temporary “strategies”. A quality and lasting SEO is all about providing good internet browsing experience for users with creative, informative, and unique websites. It is the content of these websites that search engines base their rankings on and rewards these contents with high rankings.

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