Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Translate Page Into… Color

Given that the internet is internationally available, there are pages that are in every language. That is why search engines have a function that asks the user if they would like that page translated from a foreign language to one that the user can understand.

What if the concept and guidelines of this language functionality were taken and applied in a different medium? What if a different medium of a website or web page could be “translated”? What if this medium was color accessibility? By this, it is being implied that color is made accessible to those who suffer from color blindness.

The web designs of websites, much like people, are normally judged based on first impressions – how the web page looks at first glance. That is why web development companies have skilled graphic designers to create custom graphic designs for their clients. Their job is to make the site appealing and user friendly. A lot of this depends on the format, layout and color on the page. However, not everyone has the fortune of appreciating the design due to color blindness. Though there are many type of color blindness, color blindness does not mean seeing black and white, rather it means that only a specific color spectrum can’t be seen (i.e. either shades of red, blue, yellow, etc). There is a substantial amount of people who suffer from color blindness.  In other words, there is a big market that businesses miss out on advertising to. An overlooked market may mean a wasted business opportunity.

The next big thing of web design could be incorporating a color accessibility function into the webpage so that color blindness is no longer discriminated. Internet advertising can then reach every user through the appeal and appreciation of the extra effort made by the website owner or web developer. The future is in creating dynamic web designs that can even “translate” color by applying the same basic guidelines as graphic web designs and leveling it up a notch. Technology is advancing and along with it marketing strategies and advertising methods. If these resources can be used, a whole new clientele awaits.

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