Thursday, July 25, 2013

Surefire Tips for Successful Product Launch, the Social Media Way

Are you looking to launch your product on the most trending advertising platform that is social media networking? The advantage to doing it this way not only makes the launch visible, but it also encourages the interaction and engagement of people which sparks interest in the campaign. This social media networking strategy has made website development companies offer this in their list of services.

Anyway, going back to it, if you want to have a successful product launch in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc, then here are 9 tips that can help you in your campaign.

1. Make a teasing campaign that excites people at the very get go of the conceptualization stage. This can be achieved by remembering to experiment
with different posting styles, share the campaign progress images, use a catchy code name that piques curiosity, but, this is important, never give away too much too early.

2. Make a personal video that invokes an empathic connection that showcases the need or reason for the product being launched. Again, only hint what the product is and don’t give too much away.

3. Create a unique email for a founders list. This list is reserved for those who a higher interest in learning about the campaign and the product.

4. Weekly sneak peeks keep those in the founders list updated and interest in the campaign.

5. See that this launching process is a gold mine for education and can be used as a great example on how to launch a product.

6. “Coming soon” posts raises additional awareness and stirs up excitement at the impending launch. Use the campaign’s best channels.

7. Have a spokesperson interview and promote the product in that interview. It is best done on the products ideal social media platform.

8. The launch can also be incorporated in the aesthetic of social media platforms, for example, in blog ad banners, Twitter bio or background image, podcasts, Facebook cover image, Google+ page, company page on LinkedIn, and in the website’s About Us page.

9. Keep up the promotion of the product by encouraging the founders list and other followers to spread the word.