Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Google legit tricks to rank to the top!

Here are some few tricks or tips that can surely help you rank at the top page of the largest Search Engine, Google! It is important to know why you need to rank at the top. Almost all people, when you ask these questions; where do you search for answers about the components and different types of gas? What’s the time in New York right now? Where can you buy the latest gadgets online? All would probably answer Google. So consider bringing your business to that spot!
¸ Following proper website migration steps to avoid bad reputation from Google.

¸ Avoid dirty tricks to Google.

¸ Never ignore the Usability of your website, make it user-friendly as much as possible.

Good recommendations would be to use iQuery instead of Flash, make tests. Always prioritize your users since the very reason SEO is possible is because of them.

¸ Excellent web content strategy, now follow a certain pattern, plan or process in content writing that you may deem necessary and stick to it. Just keep it super simple, consistent and clean. Always put in mind whenever you start to write something and aims to be at the top of Google page, ask yourself this:  what am I writing, who am I writing and why am I writing questions.

¸ Make the most use of Social Media Networking sites since these are the most visited sites nowadays therefore its plain commonsense to invest in these sites.

¸ Find or look for SEO professionals but take note that they should be the clean one’s not the bad one’s that strive and do dirty tactics just so you could be on the first page.

¸ Create an SEO friendly site or better yet look for web design and SEO specialists that offer services for that matter if you don’t have any experience in SEO  because they know how to make good use of your  Social Media sites as well as your Marketing Collateral and stuffs related to be number 1 on Google!

Just follow the rules and make it your mantra to do this regularly and also ask the experts on these fields so that you can also benefit from them and who knows a few years later you can start your own SEO company as well.

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