Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What to Do for Search Engine Optimization of E-Commerce Sites

If there is a dilemma in wondering how to effectively maintain an E-commerce site with search engine optimization, then this list of tips and suggestions may help. The reason for these tips is that e-commerce sites need a little more than the basic search engine optimization. Anyway, getting to it, here are the 9 tips.

1. Keywords. Keywords should be carefully and intelligently selected to make sure that the keyword is high ranking so as to increase the traffic frequency to the site.

The Google Keyword Tool helps here.

2. Structure. The e-commerce site should have an easy to use structure that makes the shopping experience fast, convenient, and straight forward.

3. Basic SEO. Just because e-commerce needs a little more doesn’t mean that the basics should be neglected. Perform the same basic SEO practices along with the extra ones.

4. Blog. This is mainly for both users and Google Bot to think that there is always something new. Nevertheless, the suggestion is to have a regularly updated blog in the site.

5. Social Media. This is an integral part of good SEO as it is powerful when giving better authority to your site as well as more visibility with users. Remember that it is only powerful if only relevant social media channels are used.

6. Reviews. Address and handle all reviews, good and bad, diplomatically and constructively. Never come across as harsh or abusive.

7. Flexibility. The e-commerce site should be flexible and optimized to be accessible through any browser and device, especially since tablet and smartphone sales are sky rocketing.

8. Content. Content marketing might seem to contradict tip number 2 but it doesn’t. Content marketing just adds an option that has little enticement to it. Content can take the form of “how to” or general tips about the products.

9. Linking. Linking is one of the basic SEO practices but keep in mind to only
link authority sites to the e-commerce website and definitely not the site-killing spamming sites.