Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tips to a Clean and Simple Web Design

If one will take notice of the trending websites in the internet today, even if they have unique and individual web designs, one can agree that all can be described as having a clean and simple yet sleek web design. This clean design is not to be confused as dull and yet there is a sense of refinement that successfully attracts users. In achieving this clean and simple design, try and keep in mind these 3 helpful tips.

Tip #1. Build Down

In any design process, exploration should be fostered as visual element placement and styling is part of it. A designer will always have a concept, but it is never a complete end product off the bat. Elements are played around with to see what goes where in the graphic design. However, in aiming for a clean design, designers often end up with a dull or bland page. One sure fire way to avoid this is to build down. In other words, allow the design to be initially complex and then from there, simplify the design by omitting what is not necessary.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Personas and Stories Can Add to Web Design

Web developers always aim to produce quality works that please users and consequently their clients. They do so by taking into account the potential overall experience of users when coming across the web design of the website or the app.

One approach to this is by fabricating a persona and a story for that persona.
What are these personas and stories? A persona can be seen as a representation of a user experience design and aims to embody a representation of the target audience. A story is or scenario can be seen as the experience of the persona and its capabilities, reasons, goals, and motivations of a when faced with the web design. Both, although fictitious, are based on real data research for the closest resemblance to a potential user and their experience.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Twitter Tricks for Good Search Engine Marketing

Tweeting has become an international phenomenon wherein countless users share their comings and goings through the social media platform, Twitter. However, social convention isn’t the only way it can be used. Businesses have seen the merit in Twitter for branding and marketing purposes as it is a fast way in getting word out to people. As such, it has also been a good strategy in a search engine marketing campaign.

In search engine marketing, the key is for the Tweets to remain relevant and of good content. In order to keep Tweets search engine friendly, here are a couple of tips to be guided by.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Benefits of Instagram as a Way of Marketing

The main goal of a search engine optimization campaign is so that the website of a business, whether it is a product or a service, is to be seen by as many relevant viewers as possible and in turn be awarded high ranking in search engine result list which in turn will generate a higher chance for the website to be seen. One approach is by taking advantage of social media platforms.

The most popular trending in the digital worlds is photo sharing. Social media
platforms are buzzing with users and websites photo sharing images and videos.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best Tools from CSS3 for Graphic Design

CSS3 is the latest in the CSS platform line in graphic design. Many graphic designers have opted to use when the parameters are right because it makes the process of graphic design easier, not to mention faster, saving the project a lot of time and cost.

This platform has many tools and features that allow the web design to perform many functions. There are, however, five that prove to be the most useful and most essential for graphic designers. These five are as follows.

The first is the tool known as the CSS Layout Generator. As the name implies, it is directed to creating layouts. This generator makes it possible to create attractive layout that has the advantage of being downloadable as a zip file. Fluid and fixed column layouts can be drafted including its features such as headers, footers, and of course menus. Plus, designers can preview the layout in real time.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Keys to Having a Logo that Works

If you look at any shop or any website for that matter you will see a logo that is unique to that business. Having a logo is part of branding the business or product and has the purpose of making people remember the brand through a graphic representation. A logo should always aim to make an impact on people. For this reason, graphic designers make a considerable amount of considerations when conceptualizing logos. For their clients’ sake, the graphic design of the logo should be spot on. 

In order for a logo to be a successful logo, meaning it fulfills its purpose, it should have the following key qualities.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Every Designer’s Toolkit

What are graphic designers? Graphic designers are artist who are in charge of creating aesthetic web designs for websites. They are in the front lines when it comes to how appealing a website is in order for users to explore the website further. A good web design means a good first impression.  Through practice and projects, a designer, as with all artistic designers, would have developed a personal style and technique of their own. Nevertheless, each one would have a “toolkit” that contains what they need in making easier the creation of a graphic design.

Basically, in every designer’s “toolkit” are a set of resources that simplify the process of graphic design. Said resources can be categorized in to three types, namely graphic resources, code resources, and template resources.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I know What Search Engine Marketing Is…I think?

Any idea what search engine marketing is? Those familiar with the general idea of web development know how might be able to guess and define at as an extension of search engine optimization. True enough, search engine marketing is the promotion or advertising of websites by means of the result page generated by search engines, optimizing it and increasing its visibility. 

When users are in “hunt mode”, marketers provide the “hunting grounds” for them. “Hunt mode” is what is referred to as the time at which users scour the web by text box or by clicking through a directory hierarchy with the intent of either buying a product, soliciting service, or both. Marketers attempt to attract these users and lead them to the direction of the website they are marketing. Because of this resulting search engine traffic, the internet has become the ideal information hub spot for targeted traffic and has become the ideal playground for both organic (unpaid) listings and paid advertising listings.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Great Page Title for a Great Search Engine Optimization Campaign

There is mistaken belief that search engine optimization is only done after a website has been built which is just not the case. Search engine optimization starts from the design stage where the website is made search engine friendly every step of the way. One way to making a search engine friendly website is with the title, specifically the title of web pages and content of said pages.

To help with making great title pages, here are a couple of dos and donts to serve as a guide. 

1. DO: Titles should be specific and simply conveys the concept of the page. The idea is to have one thought per page. If there is a need to use the conjunction “and”, then it is best to separate the connecting two thoughts into two separate pages. Also, avoid the use of generic keywords and strip it down to the most specific and straight to the point title.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Search Engine Optimization: What Not To Look For In an Agent

Websites depend on visibility and popularity in order to generate business for them. This is achieved through the process of search engine optimization. In fact, websites are dependent on an effective and ongoing campaign. Who better to turn to than the experts? Unfortunately, there are some search engine optimization agents or consultants that are not up to par. To spot them, here are a few warning signs to look out for.

1. Good references for search engine optimization services mean that the
references are from trusted and well known sources. The warning sign is when
unknown and vague references. A little research wouldn’t hurt.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Website Meets Search Engine Halfway

Search engine optimization has become an important process when it comes to preparing and maintaining a website for success. This doesn’t mean that the process only starts once the website has been deployed. It would be far more convenient to make the website search engine friendly from the very beginning. Below are a few tips to remember when making a search engine friendly website.

Tip 1. Always keep in mind that search engines only read the text contained in websites and its pages. If the website has graphics design, images, or videos as key elements, then it is advisable that text be added to them in the form of perhaps a title or description of it.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What Graphic Designers Can Bring to a UI

When it comes to the graphic design of a website, many things can be done on the user interface that can capture the attention of people. Graphic designers not only style the page but also include interactive designs that make for a good user experience. Some of the things they incorporate into the design are as follows:

1. The Full Screen Background

The objective of a full screen background is to instantly capture people’s attention and at the same time provide a branding platform that no one can miss. Graphic designers use the property (background-size) of CSS3 that allows a developer to take large image and scale it to create a snug and fit, full screen background.