Thursday, August 8, 2013

Great Page Title for a Great Search Engine Optimization Campaign

There is mistaken belief that search engine optimization is only done after a website has been built which is just not the case. Search engine optimization starts from the design stage where the website is made search engine friendly every step of the way. One way to making a search engine friendly website is with the title, specifically the title of web pages and content of said pages.

To help with making great title pages, here are a couple of dos and donts to serve as a guide. 

1. DO: Titles should be specific and simply conveys the concept of the page. The idea is to have one thought per page. If there is a need to use the conjunction “and”, then it is best to separate the connecting two thoughts into two separate pages. Also, avoid the use of generic keywords and strip it down to the most specific and straight to the point title.

DONTS: Repetition should be avoided. This pertains to repetition of keywords
within the same title. Repetition of titles for web pages is also not advisable.

2. DOS: The title should be unique for every page of the website. This way search engines can treat each web page as individual pages and can direct users to the page with the specific and unique page instead of a different page on the website.

DONTS: As search engines like Google only a lot 70 characters for titles in the search result page, titles shouldn’t be lengthy. If the title surpasses 70 characters in length, it gets chopped up and unseen on the result page, putting the title to waste.

3. DOS: Just with the content of a webpage, the title should be compelling as well to lure users and invite them to read the rest of the content. Keep in mind that for users to read the page, they must be pleased and their attention must be gotten without forgetting of course that the title has to be specific and unique.

DONTS: Try to avoid using the company name at the beginning of the title. A
search engine will already generate high traffic for a search with that name souse a keyword instead to increase the probability of the website coming up in the search result list.