Sunday, August 18, 2013

Keys to Having a Logo that Works

If you look at any shop or any website for that matter you will see a logo that is unique to that business. Having a logo is part of branding the business or product and has the purpose of making people remember the brand through a graphic representation. A logo should always aim to make an impact on people. For this reason, graphic designers make a considerable amount of considerations when conceptualizing logos. For their clients’ sake, the graphic design of the logo should be spot on. 

In order for a logo to be a successful logo, meaning it fulfills its purpose, it should have the following key qualities.
1. Simple. A logo shouldn’t be too complicated that it makes it hard for people to remember and identify what it represents. In its simplicity, a logo has the most chance of sticking in peoples’ heads without sacrificing the “impact” part.

2. Recognizable. By being “recognizable”, a logo should be quickly identified and in turn, connected to the specific brand or business. There should be no doubt in people’s heads that the logo belongs to the brand or business in question.

Examples of these are the logos of Facebook and Twitter which are both
undeniably theirs.

3. Unique. There is no point to the logo if it is mistaken for another brand or business. A logo is like a fingerprint and should be unique, belonging to one and only one product or business.

4. Tone. This term may be a little confusing at first. All that this means is that the logo must depict the nature of the business or the brand. Some have opted to include words in the logo but this is more of an option. Still, tone is important so that the logo stays coherent with the business or brand.

5. Transferability. A business or brand logo will probably be used in multiple mediums like website, printing materials, e-mail lists, social media, etc. So the logo must be able to be flexible and be able to be transferred to any and all of these mediums.