Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Search Engine Optimization: What Not To Look For In an Agent

Websites depend on visibility and popularity in order to generate business for them. This is achieved through the process of search engine optimization. In fact, websites are dependent on an effective and ongoing campaign. Who better to turn to than the experts? Unfortunately, there are some search engine optimization agents or consultants that are not up to par. To spot them, here are a few warning signs to look out for.

1. Good references for search engine optimization services mean that the
references are from trusted and well known sources. The warning sign is when
unknown and vague references. A little research wouldn’t hurt.

2. There should be no definite specific keyword frequency. Yes keywords are important and should be used in the content of web pages, but it should not be forced on the content. Keywords should rather flow within the content so the focus should not be meeting a quota but to please its readers.

3. An agent who promises to submit the website to an excessive amount of
directories is a warning sign as well. Directory submission is not about numbers but about relevance.

4. A red light should light up when the suggestion becomes focusing on purchasing a large amount of links. Though inbound links are needed, it is far better to acquire links both organic and inorganic from efficient marketplace. Quality over quantity.

5. Social sites are great search engine optimization platforms provided that it is used well. There are those who would suggest shortcuts such as using drones to increase traffic. This is unadvisable as it could cause search engines to ban the URL of the site.

6. Do not be tempted with promises of good results if shifty or questionable tricks will be used to get these results. Said shifty tricks can include putting hidden text on pages, redirecting users to a completely different site, offering different content to search engines, etc.

7. Do not get overwhelmed with jargons and complicated explanations. A good
SEO consultant or agent will be happy to explain strategies and cater to any and all questions a client may have in a way the client can understand.