Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Benefits of Instagram as a Way of Marketing

The main goal of a search engine optimization campaign is so that the website of a business, whether it is a product or a service, is to be seen by as many relevant viewers as possible and in turn be awarded high ranking in search engine result list which in turn will generate a higher chance for the website to be seen. One approach is by taking advantage of social media platforms.

The most popular trending in the digital worlds is photo sharing. Social media
platforms are buzzing with users and websites photo sharing images and videos.

This trend can also be integrated to marketing of brands and services, not to mention the website representing them. Therefore, Instagram, a photo sharing social media platform, can prove advantage and deserves a place in search engine optimization campaigns. There are three main benefits that Instagram brings:

1. It is a fast, convenient, and popular social media platform. Therefore it is a
means to easily keep up with the rise of the visual content era. The reason is because images have been merited as quick ways to convey messages and points to people thus the trend of photo sharing amongst social media users. 

2. Instagram is compatible with Facebook. This means that photos for business marketing has a higher chance to be seen on this leading social media platform, and because Instagram allows for photos to be instantly uploaded to  Facebook, it makes it a hand-in-hand tool for business marketing.

3. Videos can also be shared via Instagram. Photos are not the only thing that
can be shared by image trending. Instagram can also take videos, upload them on the news feed, and share it to the social media partners of Instagram.

The way Instagram works is that it is a social media platform that allows a person to take a picture. This picture can be tagged with text captions and instantly uploaded to the Instagram news feed. Not to mention, it has a function that allows you to share the newly taken photo to other popular social media platforms.