Monday, August 5, 2013

Website Meets Search Engine Halfway

Search engine optimization has become an important process when it comes to preparing and maintaining a website for success. This doesn’t mean that the process only starts once the website has been deployed. It would be far more convenient to make the website search engine friendly from the very beginning. Below are a few tips to remember when making a search engine friendly website.

Tip 1. Always keep in mind that search engines only read the text contained in websites and its pages. If the website has graphics design, images, or videos as key elements, then it is advisable that text be added to them in the form of perhaps a title or description of it.

Tip 2. HTML code validation is important. Apart from the spelling and grammar
errors, make sure that the code doesn’t have any underlying errors which may cause discrepancies in browser formatting. By use of HTML and CSS validation software, a developer can check that these errors are addressed before deployment.

Tip 3. Have relevant title tags. The algorithms of search engines use the unseen HTML <title> tags in when scanning to see what that specific web page is about. Help it along by having relevant and meaningful title tag on each page and avoid having the same title tag for each page on the website.

Tip 4. Incorporate straight HTML navigation links. If a website makes use of only JavaScript or Flash files, search engines, due to its limitations, have trouble finding the pages on the website. This can be remedied by using straight HTML for navigation linking which provides search engines with what they need to carry this function out properly.

Tip 5. Check for the duplication of content. This duplication may be the result of certain content management systems integration being used. Added caution is needed to ensure that no content is duplicated within the web site because identical content which may lead to link dilution. This means search engines will see split traffic and will not consider the pages as important search results.

Tip 6. Remove hidden text. The purpose is because the algorithm of search engines ignores pages that have hidden texts.