Thursday, August 1, 2013

What Graphic Designers Can Bring to a UI

When it comes to the graphic design of a website, many things can be done on the user interface that can capture the attention of people. Graphic designers not only style the page but also include interactive designs that make for a good user experience. Some of the things they incorporate into the design are as follows:

1. The Full Screen Background

The objective of a full screen background is to instantly capture people’s attention and at the same time provide a branding platform that no one can miss. Graphic designers use the property (background-size) of CSS3 that allows a developer to take large image and scale it to create a snug and fit, full screen background.

2. The Vector Graphics

Most people remember simple shapes and characters like those of vector graphics; the simpler the better. Another “mind trick” that may prove a little humorous or whimsy is if the graphic poses an obscure meaning behind the name of the company or product, in this case, the name of the website.

3. Fixed Navigation

This feature is optional depending on the parameters of the design. Fixed navigation has the pro of eliminating the need of excessive scrolling when users want to scan the entire webpage. Unfortunately, the con of a fixed navigation feature is that it can obscure the view of the content.

4. Single-Page Parallax Scrolling

When paired with a fixed navigation quick access toolbar, single-page parallax scrolling can add a fun element to the user interface. An added bonus is that a single web page can fit a lot of content.  Not to mention, with the quick access toolbar, users can go to the part of the content they wish with a click of a button without having to scroll up and down.

5. Mobile Responsive Layouts

A good graphic designer knows that a responsive web design can raise the success of the website. This is because the goal is for the website to be accessible from even a mobile device without having a distorted graphic design.

6. Dynamic Animations

By having dynamic animations, the user interface becomes even more interactive, stylish, and adds to the whole user experience. Everyone loves a well thought out animation.