Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Personas and Stories Can Add to Web Design

Web developers always aim to produce quality works that please users and consequently their clients. They do so by taking into account the potential overall experience of users when coming across the web design of the website or the app.

One approach to this is by fabricating a persona and a story for that persona.
What are these personas and stories? A persona can be seen as a representation of a user experience design and aims to embody a representation of the target audience. A story is or scenario can be seen as the experience of the persona and its capabilities, reasons, goals, and motivations of a when faced with the web design. Both, although fictitious, are based on real data research for the closest resemblance to a potential user and their experience.

Having personas and stories to guide the web design can bear fruit to many benefits. 

Some of which include:

• The prediction of how users will react to the web design

• Model representation of the personality of the user for whom the website of app is for 

• Human connection is established and discourages making changes that strays too far away from the target audience

• A peek at the possible journey a user experiences where their characters and values could be expressed 

• Common ground between users and brings them together in entertainment and meaning

• Developers and the user connection which helps optimize the website or app

The key point to remember that research has to be performed when creating a persona and a corresponding story. Although it is fictitious, it has to be derived from and based on factual user research. With actual user research, not only will personas and stories be accurate estimations of personalities, skills and motivations, but it will also shed light on any issues or possible problems that may occur.