Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Promote Your Marketing Collateral through Email Marketing

The advent of Social Media is a factor why marketing collateral has gone digital. From simple printed materials like brochures and flyers, a new means of promoting your products and services to a well-defined intended audience online these days is through email marketing campaigns. And to help you make the most out of this, here are some of email marketing tips:

1. Identify your specific goals. As always, it is the first step to achieve an effective campaign. There are two primary objectives for your email marketing plan: one, to enhance existing relationships; and two, to drive customers’ responses. One way or the other, it needs to be fixed before starting in order to help you know your target market, select the appropriate marketing collateral that is based on their preferences, and gauge the metrics used for a successful promotion.  

2. Take time to define your personas. Once you have accurately determined who your audience is, you should create individual buyer persona to spell out what kind of people you want to reach, and what message you want to convey.

3. Make your email copy short and concise. It is common for all of us now to wake up every day bombarded with a number of emails, making it quite a tedious task to read.  For this reason, it is very important for you to be straightforward and direct to the point to get your idea across in a very short period of reading time.

4. Experiment with various time periods. Try out different times of the day when sending your emails. Though there is no certainty that it can attract customers, as long as you get some responses, then it has proven itself useful. Also, keep track on the results so you can easily regulate your timing.

5. Incorporating the different forms of social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and similar sites, in sync with emails, can be of great help in presenting your company’s brand effectively and efficiently. By integrating search engine optimization and social media marketing with your email campaigns, greatly increases the chances of more online marketing sales.

In order for you to get high search engine rankings, find out the marketing collateral that will best suit your objectives.