Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tips for Fostering Good Client-Designer Relations

For a web design project, there are instances where possible misunderstandings can occur. The issue may be from a client where he or she may not know what they want out of a design, or from a web developer who may not know enough of the client’s industry. Nevertheless, the goal is for quality web design product so that the client receives a website that looks good and works, and the web designer attains a project that would be worthy of their portfolio.

In a nutshell, collaboration and understanding is the key. The collaboration must encompass both the understanding of the client’s needs is and the web developer’s skill to design that web site. For this to succeed, here are a few tips to remember:

Understand the client

This step is for a developer to put himself in the client’s shoes and understand where the client is coming from. It is the misunderstanding of a project’s objective that will doom it to fail from the start. The tip: get to know who they are, what their company does, and understand how a particular graphic design will help them with their needs.

Know the client’s knowledge of web design

Communication calls for the successful receiving and understanding of the message. In relation to the client-designer relationship, it calls for the developer to know the client’s level of understanding in web design. This knowledge can be used to the developer’s advantage as it becomes easier to explain and exchange ideas. A high level knowledge means both can use technical jargon and design language. With a less tech-savvy client it is better to use simpler language the client in question can understand.


When compromising, collaboration may come to a standstill as a client will not want to sacrifice quality and a designer will not sacrifice integrity. Nevertheless, keeping a cool head and focusing on the goal is the tip for good relations. Be sure the client knows what benefits or consequences are in their design choices.