Thursday, September 26, 2013

Typography Tips to Remember When Improving Designs of Your Website

While colors and images tend to be the most important factors in creating your designs, typography keeps the readable part of you website neat and in order, putting a system for an easy read. This type work deals with the overall typeface such as font size and font style. With many people, including graphic designers, thinking that their job ends once they put these features altogether, they often overlook its ability to do more in achieving a good graphic design. The whole package of these visual elements can improve your website as well as increase your search engine optimization rankings. In order for you to fully reap its benefits, here are a few tips that can help you:

1. Select the font that suits the eye. This means that if the text requires emphasis, bold letters should be seen and if it is a title, use capital letters. Also, be sure to take into consideration the audience you are aiming at. Ensure that the texts are readable even without zooming in especially if your target market, for example, involves the elders.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to distract your readers into misunderstanding the message you want to convey, better avoid using too many “fancy” fonts which look good but are difficult to read. Limit your fonts to at least three different forms to enhance the flow of the page: the heading, sub-heading and body.

2. Determine the best leading and the proper measure. In simpler terms, the former is the line height and the latter, the line width. Both attributes function together as the leading should increase proportionally to your measure. Less leading is needed if you have small measure and if you have a wide measure, there should be more leading.

Too little or too much of either of the two make it hard for the readers to follow the type leaving them frustrated, so you have to adjust until it feels right. Normally, the average leading is 2 to 5 points more than your font size while the ideal measure is between 40-80 characters, including spaces. It is extremely important for graphic designers and web developers to consider this simple rule of thumb to create enough space for their content.

3. Maximize the use of white space. For a harmonious layout and optimum readability, put spaces between your texts. Everyone likes a very organized website that is why the less cluttered your website looks, the better.

Whether you are after a conventional or a chic web page, to integrate the elements of web design is a must. Your website will not only be popular to your target audience but will also be established as a great example of a high-quality graphic design.