Monday, September 2, 2013

What Minimalistic Web Design Offers

It is the trend of modern web design to go minimalistic. This means that through subtle design elements and placement and styling of essential elements, an attractive graphic design that yields positive response can be achieved. This is not to say that a minimalistic web design is dull and flat. Instead, the aim is to give it a sleek and refined look for the user.

There are many benefits that a minimalistic modern web design can offer. Some of which include:

1. Fewer codes and site assets are needed. This means that only a few CSS rules, HTML elements, images, JavaScript, etc is necessary to make a good graphic design. The result of this is that the front-end performance of the website is increased, which in turn means that there will be a resulting enhanced usability of the site and a higher rate of user experience.

2. A minimalistic web design has less chance of getting messed up. Provided that there is harmony with the page’s typography, white space, and visual elements, the design will still be attractive and at the same time, allowed to be open and free without any superfluous elements.

3. Content is emphasized as it should being the most important asset of a web page. By the minimalistic method, the user can instantly focus on the content of the web page without the distraction of over the top visual elements crowding the screen.

There might be some confusion as to think that just because a web or graphic design is minimalistic that it instantly means it is easier to design. On the contrary, it takes just as much effort on concept, planning, and execution as any other website. Also, keep in mind that usability should not be sacrificed in order to create a minimalistic graphic design. Content is still a web page’s biggest asset and should still retain a high level of accessibility in order for users to deem the website a “functioning and attractive” website.