Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What to Know Before Choosing the Best Type of Web Hosting

With the never-ending changes in the web, more web hosting options have emerged and knowing the difference between the three of the most known hosting and maintenance types will help you choose the ideal hosting for your website. So before you decide, here are definitions of hosting server types:

Shared Hosting

In this service, you will be sharing the web space on the server. This means that thousands of other websites are in the same hosting server, sharing its bandwidth. If you are after a strict budget plan, this can be your best deal. This is the cheapest type of web hosting and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to install its options for your forum and blogging apps. This can be of use for any sites which do not receive an enormous amount of web traffic, such as small graphics design business websites. However, this can be slow and may be unreliable especially if there are many transactions happening within the server.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Also referred to as virtual dedicated server, this hosting type is a combination of shared servers and dedicated servers because it has a function of a high-end server but at a lower cost. You can easily set up your own operating system and can independently start all over again since this server is perfect for those who can handle their sites without the help of other techs. In addition, this permits you to have control on the resources distribution. Cheaper as it may seem than dedicated servers, it still needs high maintenance during un-anticipated traffic in the web.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Despite it being the most expensive web hosting type, it is still sought-after by many large companies because of its effectiveness. When you are on a dedicated server, you have sole access to the server, bandwidth is all yours, it is much safer and much faster. This is ideal for big websites that have high levels of web traffic and needing to be secure in some transactions like online purchasing, where pay-pal and credit cards are involved. You have more control over you website and its different functionality when in a dedicated server, it gives you a more controlled environment.

There is a lot that goes into web hosting that can make or break a website. If you are not familiar with the hosting and maintenance services several companies provide, it would be very useful to take some time searching the net and discovering more of its ins and outs.