Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why Choose HTML5 for Creating Graphic Designs

“Flash is out, HTML5 is in.” This is the usual connotation when you heard of the new HTML standard. So why choose this for creating graphic designs? You may still have doubts in utilizing this code because it is not fully adopted, yet HTML5 can make your websites perform better and can give your users richer experience. But that’s not all there is to it. With this revolution, you can also earn the following advantages:

1. An easy access to different technologies. With Flash’s unavailability on other devices, you can count on HTML5 to connect a visual experience across channels, such as computer and tablet. It also works best for your mobile phones because this code is easier to incorporate web pages with your small screens.

2. A support on video and audio integration. There is no need for additional plug-ins, such as Flash and Java, anymore. HTML5 can include video and audio elements right into the code.

3. A cleaner code. Graphic designers and web developers are inclined to using this standard because it offers simpler and refined codes which permit them to separate meaning from presentation. 

4. An enhanced form. HTML5 introduces web forms with improvements on text
inputs, search boxes, and other fields in order to validate data. By means of these enhancements, you can surely make your pages more functional and user-friendly.  

5. A local storage. Even if you are not having an Internet connection, HTML5 allows you to go back to where you have started your code. Most of the time, you need to have a connection on a network for you to cache the page properly. HTML5, however, provides an effective solution by enabling users to make use of other application in different browsers. This means that you can store specific information on your own computers.

6. A big leap to the future. At its current state, most of the graphic designers are still adjusting on the new HTML5 elements. However, this code is believed to be the standard for web technologies in the next few years. Although it may take time before it happens, HTML5 promises a bright future in web development.