Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blunders in Mobile Web Designing – Can You Relate?

Mobile web graphic design has always been an issue with most websites today, because this kind of designing requires more consideration, and because viewing websites using mobile devices offers a different experience as opposed to websites viewed on traditional devices like computers.

Here are some of the common mistakes with mobile websites:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Good Web Design Cares

The internet is becoming more and more available for different types of people regardless of location, age, gender, social status and other defining aspects. With that being said, even people with visual disabilities use the internet on a daily basis, with their number even projected to increase in the coming years. Catering to this, a website design firm always recommends some features that could help enhance website experience to these visually impaired people.

With more than 53.2 million aged 45 and above in the US considered having visual ailments one way or another (18% of them legally blind), designing a website should implement these few features:

1. Higher-contrast webpage version. Some of the most common eye ailments (like cataracts) often reduce contrast sensitivity, which greatly affects the ability to distinguish subtle nuances of colors and certain brightness levels. With today’s websites having such high details and usage of subtle color gradients to produce a pleasing experience (to people with normal vision), it is really hard for these people to find a website they could truly enjoy.

Websites should have a page version with high-contrast between its elements and at the same time bold text to ensure maximum content readability. In addition to that, a website with good web graphic design should not implement scripting that could change the way users highlight elements. People with eye problems often highlight the text they’re reading to improve focus by increasing contrast.

2. Proper Color Combination for Action Items. Hereditary color blindness affects 8% and 0.5% of the entire male and female human population respectively, in varying degrees. An important factor to consider when designing buttons and other items is the color combination, especially if their function requires immediate user attention.


It takes a lot of consideration to have a website that works for people that have eye disorders while considering people with normal vision as well. But achieving a balance for this two can result to a really good website experience. For this matter, it’s really much better to get a company that offers a good website design service for best results.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Advantages of Using Pre-Existing Frameworks

There are many debates about the use of frameworks in web graphic design. Frameworks give a web graphic design structure and direction. It makes the job a lot easier and faster. This is especially helpful for web designers as they deliver quality products in creating their client’s websites.

In line with the use of frameworks, a lot of today’s web designers have opted to make use of a ready template that may have been created or downloaded over the internet. It is for the reason that the frameworks that are existing prior to a web graphic project has proven to be the most efficient approach. Although, if it was done from scratch, a designer can gain a deeper understanding of a website’s structure and design and at the same time, to easily manipulate the website to fit the client’s needs.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Search Engine Optimization: Content is Power

Search engines, and correspondingly search engine optimization, revolve around just one thing: Content. It is content that and its text-based nature that drives search engines to generate a list relative to the search query of a user. As such, there are what are known as content elements that determine the success or failure of and SEO process.

1. CQ: This stands for Content quality. The nature of content must be that of quality where a web graphic designer or owner of the content should ask themselves these guide questions to answer in order to keep their content fabrication on the track of quality:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Major Benefits of a Simple Web Design

When it comes to web designing, some would think that a simple design might not have the pizzazz to go head to head against the other million websites out there. However, several experts concur that keeping it simple is the best way of doing it. Simplicity does not mean scraping out everything interesting about your site. It is actually the opposite. Simplicity is keeping only those that are interesting and essential. You may not have overflowing content but what is in your site is substantial enough to serve its purpose. Here are the benefits of having a simple website:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Quality Content: The Heart of SEO

When we speak of search engine optimization, quality content almost always becomes the center of discussion. Is it important? Does this help increase SEO value? Does a business website have to provide quality content? These are among the common questions that arise, and for the hundredth time, the answer to these is yes, yes and yes. Quality content has a major impact to one’s SEO marketing campaign. For most experts in the field, they consider this as the heart of SEO.

While it is irrefutable that there are several elements that work together for a successful SEO strategy, so much like body parts functioning harmoniously, there is but only one heart and that is quality content. In recent years, several businesses rely solely on the popularity of their brand name to draw traffic to their websites. It is indeed important to have a solid ground on which the product or service name has been implanted, but this is not enough to keep you ahead. What if your competitor whose brand is equally established provides quality content on all the pages of its site – content that consumers find useful and interesting? Do you think you will lead the pack? Definitely not!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Four Essential Web Designing Factors You Should Not Ignore

Having a website is one of the effective SEO marketing strategies you can utilize for your business to reach a wider population. Several entrepreneurs would agree that web presence is essential especially with the billions of people who use the internet daily. It comes as no surprise therefore that several businessmen spend a lot for the creation and maintenance of a website. It’s a new way of reaching out to prospective clients.

Web designing also entails several rules to come up with a design that is striking, impressive, user-friendly and one that is tailored for SEO strategies. Your website is a direct representation of your business. If visitors are impressed with it, then they will likely patronize you products and services, and keep coming back for more! Here are some important things you need to keep in mind when designing a site:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Responsive Web Design and Its Benefits to Your Online Business

First impression is very important and this definitely applies to websites. One thing that immediately catches a visitor’s attention is the overall appearance of the site. If it is not appealing or interesting, then it may discourage the visitor from reading the content. So experts on web development services have come up with a very helpful approach that enhances the experience of users. This is called responsive web design.

As the name suggests, this approach is used by designers so that web pages will automatically respond and auto-fit on the device used to view it. Whether the device is a common desktop computer, a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the contents of the page will custom fit to the screen for a better viewing experience. This has gained popularity due to the major increase in the production of such mobile devices and because of the following benefits:

1. Better User Experience

Smaller devices like tablets and smartphones are there to make things more convenient but there is nothing more frustrating than opening a website and finding content or information missing because the web page does not fit on the screen of your device. With responsive web design, this will no longer be a problem because pages will custom fit to whatever device they are viewed on.

2. Easier to Maintain and Enhanced SEO Marketing Campaign

Having multiple versions of your site to accommodate several kinds of devices will be heavy on maintenance. With responsive wed design, you will only maintain a single site and add updates anytime without costing much and without a hassle. Consequently, you can also focus more on improving your content, links or your overall SEO of the site. Website reports and analysis will also be less burdensome

3. Increased Conversion Rates

With a site that automatically responds to any device, more customers will be able to easily see what you have to offer. Since you have more time to focus on your SEO, then you can improve your content and links to draw more traffic which poses a greater chance of bigger profits.

4. Prevent SEO Penalties

Having duplicate content and 404 errors are more common with multiple sites. These problems may lead search engines to penalize your site resulting to major drop in rankings or worse, to permanent blocking of your site. If you have only one website to maintain, then such problems will be more carefully monitored.

5. Less Expenses

Again, having a single site to maintain will be cost efficient. When you hire experts to work on your site, it is no brainier that the service rates for maintaining a single website is way cheaper than maintaining multiple versions. You can channel that extra expense on further developing your business.

In today’s modern times, you should step up when it comes to developing a search engine marketing campaign because with the increasing local and global competition in all kinds of businesses, you cannot afford to exclusively rely on traditional methods.  Responsive web design is one of the recent web development solutions that is certainly worth it!