Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Advantages of Using Pre-Existing Frameworks

There are many debates about the use of frameworks in web graphic design. Frameworks give a web graphic design structure and direction. It makes the job a lot easier and faster. This is especially helpful for web designers as they deliver quality products in creating their client’s websites.

In line with the use of frameworks, a lot of today’s web designers have opted to make use of a ready template that may have been created or downloaded over the internet. It is for the reason that the frameworks that are existing prior to a web graphic project has proven to be the most efficient approach. Although, if it was done from scratch, a designer can gain a deeper understanding of a website’s structure and design and at the same time, to easily manipulate the website to fit the client’s needs.

Below is a list of other advantages of using frameworks in web graphic design.
Advantages to pre-existing framework:

  1. Development speed is increased

What this means is that the time it takes to create a website is substantially decreased from a couple of hundred of hours to days, or even weeks, to mere minutes. The reason is that the pre-existing framework already provides the groundwork needed and makes the project development phase much easier. It also correlates to the speedy completion of the project. 

  1. Functionality is guaranteed

Another advantage to using a pre-existing framework, especially a popular one, is that thanks to the many who utilise it, numerous iterations have been released thanks to the testing done by those who made use of the said framework. The outcome then becomes that the community using that particular framework end up thoroughly testing it for any bugs whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

  1. Usage is made easy

The other advantage, which is mostly why most web designers use frameworks, is that the developer need not necessarily be an expert web developer to be able to integrate their choice of framework into a website. Pre-existing frameworks provide a means for inexperienced developers to create the websites they want without having to master every single aspect of web development. Though in hindsight, is that really what one wants to happen?