Thursday, November 28, 2013

Busting the Most Common Myths About Internet Directories

Today, search engines actually hold a lot of influence on a website’s visibility, that’s why people who own websites make sure that they have good search engine marketing and optimization strategies, like writing quality content and doing backlink auditing. But some SEO experts have concluded that internet directories are a thing of the past and that submitting their link to these sites do not account for much. 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about directory submission sites, which are in fact still important to promoting your websites; it might have lost some of its value as an SEO strategy—with it being replaced by more convenient search engines, but it’s still quite vital in ensuring a better page rank. This becomes more apparent when it comes to backlink profiles, as websites that submit to directories build up a good network of inbound links highly priced by Google and other search engines.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shopping Cart? The Best and Fastest eCommerce Solution

Adding a Shopping Cart to your website can be considered the best e-commerce solution for your business. Choosing the right shopping cart for your website can greatly boost the sales of your products sold online. This informative article will help you identify the right shopping cart platform for you. FAQ’s below are provided to help you get started.

What‘s a Shopping Cart?

This is best illustrated by visiting retailer sites. You can easily identify a Shopping Cart Icon or a grocery basket. The purpose of it is to increase profit, marketability and exposure of your goods online.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Get on the Groove through CMS integration

When it comes to the World Wide Web, content plays an important role. Base on Google’s specifications, the content of a website has to be updated routinely. This affects the ranking of a website to a large scope. The new indexing system has made it necessary for websites to have a quality and updated content in order to achieve better search engine rankings. This is where CMS Integration comes in. Below is a summary of what it does:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Google Hummingbird’s Effect to your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

During Google’s 15th birthday last September 27, 2013, Google Hummingbird - the new algorithm was launched. Hummingbird was built to improve the search results for end-users.

This means that for many SEO marketing firms employing black hat techniques and "tricks" to try and force their client's sites to the top of Google, are in for a hard and painful future as they will now completely be forced to re-learn their trade. But what does the new update affect online businesses relying on SEO companies?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Benefits of Long Tail Keywords – Less Competition, Higher Rank

A lot of experts in the field of online search engine optimization often regard keyword research as an integral part of optimizing a website. Most of the time, though, they focus on the “head” keywords—meaning popular keywords that are more frequently searched in search engines. To give a more concrete example, “car repair” is considered as head keywords, while “compare prices car repair Texas” are long tail keywords. Those who are just starting with the SEO field just tend to give their sole attention to head keywords for site optimization or by availing of pay-per-click campaigns.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Internet Directories can do for You – Good SEO!

Built by the sheer efforts of editors, who carefully select what link should be included in their website, Internet directories are still considered to be vital for online search engine optimization. These websites are owned by real
people, and therefore, you as a website owner should know their guidelines
and understand their goals as a directory for your link to be accepted.

This is really crucial despite the fact that directories are smaller and more exclusive, compared to their successors, the search engines. Still, though good internet directories shouldn’t be disregarded, since more often than not, they have a partnership with search engines. This means that the top results from the search engine searches come from internet directories before the spidered results.

There are other benefits with submitting your link to an online directory though, and these are:

It gives you targeted website traffic.
When submitting your link to a web directory, the editors behind it will sort your link to the proper category, even if you unwittingly submit it in the wrong place. This is to ensure that the directory will find the right websites for people (and search engines) based on the category they’re looking for. This is very helpful, since it delivers people that would actually be interested in your website, thus helping your search engine marketing campaign.

It gives you one-way inbound links.
These types of links are really valuable to search engines in determining the reliability and credibility of your website. This is even more so for trustworthy directories, which could really aid you in building a good backlink profile. In addition to that, web directories don’t expect you to put their link in your website in return. This is to ensure that they won’t incur penalties from link-exchanging strategies since this is actively discouraged by search engines.

Submitting your link to various trustworthy web directories won’t hurt your website’s search engine marketing and optimization efforts. And since you’re dealing with humans, this request should also include ethics and the right communication skills, as the decision for this is done manually—meaning human reviewers will actually go to your website and experience it firsthand to be able to make sure that it delivers relevancy and good user experience.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Going Mobile – The Future is Here!

With the advancements in technology, our phones are becoming progressively handier than any other gadget made in the last decades. Their functionality is constantly expanding—from simple communication devices, they became something much more: a music player, a calculator, a radio and their most important feature is their internet connectivity, which actually makes them something close to a more compact and portable computer, even surpassing the already portable tablet. Thus, the anticipated future rise of mobile devices had been realized and for that, online search engine optimization should be addressed accordingly.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SEO Scams – Don’t Fall Prey

Emerging companies today that want to build up presence in the internet depend on companies that offer online search engine optimization. Often, the worst mistake a company can make is to choose unscrupulous SEO companies that offer lucrative services, with promises of total hegemonic domination on the search results page because theoretically speaking, this feat can be achieved only through building up an enormously good reputation, which could happen in a span of years. If an SEO expert or firm offers you something along the lines of fast first page results in a matter of days, then that should be a warning sign for fraud.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Changing URLs – Redirects as Your Best Friends

Change is inevitable, and changing something in your website isn’t really an uncommon thing to do—in fact, most companies are using it to enhance their search engine marketing campaign, that’s why perfectly optimized URL’s can’t be achieved upon the website’s inception. Another reason why URL’s are changed can be reactive, like adapting to how search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to make a natural language search as possible as it could get. That’s why it’s really important to implement redirects so that the old link you have will be able to point to the newer one and retain its value to the search engine itself.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Playing the Game by the Rules – Avoid Underhanded Tactics

Looking to get banned from Google? Of course not! A website banned from Google’s search results page is dead meat, doomed to be lost in the deepest, darkest corners of the World Wide Web. But while everyone wants to have more page views, attaining it by using easy, lazy, underhanded tactics could pretty much kill its search engine marketing campaign. Some of these are:

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Preventing Negative SEO through Backlink Auditing

Penguin 2.0, one of Google’s algorithm updates, imposed strict penalties to websites using black hat SEO tactics to move up in the search results page. This update basically crippled the unethical SEO professionals using these underhanded tactics…or so they thought. Today, negative SEO has changed its form, and now the same parameters imposed by the Penguin update are being exploited to bring down competitor websites, rendering their search engine marketing campaign useless. The most common method implemented by these black hat SEO experts is to point hundreds or thousands of negative backlinks to a website in order for its organic search ranking to go down or even eliminate them entirely from Google’s search index.

Webmasters use the Google-provided Disavow tool, which basically allows them to have some sort of protection from this kind of unethical attack and
retain the effectiveness of their good online search engine optimization campaigns. Alas, most of these webmasters only use the tool once their page suffers a drastically decreased web traffic caused by Google-imposed penalties, thinking that the website is operating under a black hat SEO strategy. Realistically speaking, the disavow link tool should be used to preempt these kinds of attack.

That’s why it’s really important to perform regular backlink audits, to ensure that low-quality links are identified and disavowed as soon as possible. It’s as important as building website reputation through linking. Auditing shouldn’t be considered an option because this is pretty simple to do—all that needs to be done is to download the backlinks from a backlink tool or a webmaster’s account, which will show all the links pointing to the website. This will help its search engine marketing and optimization by removing possible threats as soon as possible, leaving only reliable backlinks that would in turn give a legitimate boost to its search engine ranking.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Negative SEO – What is it?

Good online search engine optimization has been the best way of boosting page ranking, but some unethical website owners have been trying to delve into the art of Negative SEO, which basically involves a host of methods to lower down a targeted page’s rank. The most popular negative SEO tactic out there is Google Bowling, which basically involves spam links all pointing the targeted website to lower down or possibly even eliminate the webpage from the search results page completely.

There are two kinds of Google Bowling, depending on the duration of the attack. The one-time variety of this negative SEO tactic which only spans a single day, with the website being bombarded by hundreds or even thousands of spam links that could lead to a boosted website standing in a few days, but then once Google or other search engines catch up on what’s going on, they get penalized heavily. This is pretty effective because of the strict parameters set by the Penguin algorithm. However, continuous attacks are even more devastating, which could render an entire website unsearchable because this type of attack could span from 3 – 6 months, with thousands of bad backlinks being added for a single anchor phrase. This could ruin the website’s entire search engine marketing campaign, wasting lots of money and time. 

Negative SEO can only be countered by submitting disavows to the search engines for the unreliable links. There are webmaster tools that could help detect the bad links that could be the result of Google bowling, which could also be used as a precaution if there are sudden fluctuations with the website’s traffic. For that, Google has a disavow tool which allows webmasters to remove the spam links generated by this unethical search engine marketing solution. Couple this with better SEO campaigns, websites will be able to recover from this malicious attack and regain their lost traffic.