Thursday, November 14, 2013

Going Mobile – The Future is Here!

With the advancements in technology, our phones are becoming progressively handier than any other gadget made in the last decades. Their functionality is constantly expanding—from simple communication devices, they became something much more: a music player, a calculator, a radio and their most important feature is their internet connectivity, which actually makes them something close to a more compact and portable computer, even surpassing the already portable tablet. Thus, the anticipated future rise of mobile devices had been realized and for that, online search engine optimization should be addressed accordingly.

To give more stress and more impact to drive the point home, some statistics from a research about mobile devices show that about 33% of total business searches are local, and after gathering the desired information about a certain business (like their store hours, their location or their products) from their smart phone, a little more than 60% of these searchers called the business and 59% even went and visited it. Some other statistics derived from these studies also show that approximately 80% of owners are using their smart phones to help them with their shopping. Meanwhile, 70% of smart phone users search the internet for a business after seeing advertisements, whether it’s from the TV, the newspaper or the internet. This could mean a lot for companies with a comprehensive search engine marketing and optimization strategy. Sadly, only about 20% of large advertisers online have a website optimized for mobile devices.

The fact that Google has been advocating the use of a responsive mobile
website has made them even more vigilant in making sure that their searchers have a more relevant result while enjoying a good mobile experience. This means that having a responsive web graphic design is the key to satisfy the ever-growing number of people doing mobile searches, which also satisfies the search engines’ goal of giving the best websites regardless of platform. Ultimately, this leads to a higher page rank and higher traffic, building brand awareness and garnering more customers.