Thursday, November 21, 2013

Google Hummingbird’s Effect to your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

During Google’s 15th birthday last September 27, 2013, Google Hummingbird - the new algorithm was launched. Hummingbird was built to improve the search results for end-users.

This means that for many SEO marketing firms employing black hat techniques and "tricks" to try and force their client's sites to the top of Google, are in for a hard and painful future as they will now completely be forced to re-learn their trade. But what does the new update affect online businesses relying on SEO companies?

Will it help them grow or will hummingbird be their demise?

The reason for the update may be due to the increase in number of smart devices offering the ability of verbal/ voice searches. Web searches will remain consistent but the results being displayed are changed based on what’s best suited for the user.

How can this new update influence businesses?

Not much. Even after the birth of recent updates like Penguin and Panda, the sites producing quality content will never be penalized or affected negatively. Sites having useful content will have the easiest effort in garnering organic traffic.

What online businesses should do?

All businesses should focus on making their company’s name synonymous to their field of proficiency. Businesses will stay ahead of the competition if they take advantage of all the best marketing strategies available. Every business should aim to be the leading authority in their respective fields.

Individuals starting out a business on the internet should look for the best SEO Company that is expected to be well-versed in internet marketing.

Every business has its own market, but not all businesses understand their market’s needs. Companies prioritizing the needs of their users will always be the champion in their corresponding fields. No matter how many updates Google launches, you'll survive it as long as you follow a clear-cut search engine marketing campaign strategy.

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