Thursday, November 7, 2013

Playing the Game by the Rules – Avoid Underhanded Tactics

Looking to get banned from Google? Of course not! A website banned from Google’s search results page is dead meat, doomed to be lost in the deepest, darkest corners of the World Wide Web. But while everyone wants to have more page views, attaining it by using easy, lazy, underhanded tactics could pretty much kill its search engine marketing campaign. Some of these are:

Bad Links

Websites known for spamming is termed by Google as bad neighborhoods,
and linking to them can effectively lower the website’s page rank in a couple of days. There are a lot of ways to improve page rank through black hat methods, like using link exchanging programs and buying links. That’s why, be mindful of the search engine marketing firm who’s doing the linking for your website and make sure that they don’t create an artificial directory of links by buying them from a link farm.

Title Stacking

Websites should only have one <title> tag for their pages and adding any
more than that is a grave offense. A legitimate way of doing this is by separating the keywords using dashes (-) to have more matching keywords
for the website content.


Sure, it’s pretty hard to have a very successful online search engine optimization campaign, but using these two underhanded tactics won’t
only garner lower page views but also possible elimination from the search
engine results page. If a website has been using legitimate SEO practices and tactics, then there’s no reason for them to use these. True, the page views and the search engine ranking will rocket upwards in a span of two days, but that’s the best it could ever do. Everything goes downhill after that, consigning the website into oblivion. Sticking to the rules and following the webmaster’s guidelines is the key in having a successful ranking website.

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