Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Online Search Engine Optimization Tip: How Not To Fish Scams

A lot of agencies around offering cost-effective proposals with the promise of granting your ultimate end goal in just a short while -to be the top first page ranker exist. Rationally speaking, this is pretty hard to accomplish and might take years of rigorous SEO plan and strategy for it to actually work. To help you identify scams we’ve compiled a short summary of their M.O.’s.
1. Free Trials
A handful of self-proclaimed service providers will offer you tempting packages like 15 or even 30-day demo period for their services. They prey on new companies and businesses. Sadly most of them are lured by it. Frankly, a search engine marketing campaign for even just a month is already a huge boost. But for free? No legitimate company would do this! This is a plot to get your personal and business-related information. Why? Think of any spy movie and the dangers of being compromised. Companies following the correct search engine optimization and marketing however may include free one or two services for you. In short, free service - suspicious.

2. Claims of Great Connections
These people are the ones I loathe the most! A lot of SEO firms in fact claim to have some "undercover employees" inside major search engine companies like Google, and typically, this is just fictional (smells like black hat propaganda), designed to lure you in and eat your money away. Even if they DO have someone inside, they won’t get any piece of data. Why? All employees must sign confidentiality agreements before they work. Naturally when someone violated the agreement it's either termination, a criminal prosecution or imprisonment, depending on the weight of the crime(s) committed.
Reputable companies who offer online search engine optimization never depend on such unethical practices (black hat). They can optimize your website and no cheat sheets involved (white hat). They work tirelessly, communicate with you efficiently, respond to your questions promptly and give you strong, progressive solutions for your website’s well-being - to have a better online presence. It's not that grand, but it’s definitely achievable.