Monday, December 9, 2013

Web Hosting and Maintenance 101: Getting Google’s Good Side

In agreement to many of the SEO teachings available online from SEO specialists, escaping, avoiding and/or removing unnatural sites is no easy task.

Nevertheless, Google highly suggests that anybody hit with an unnatural link penalty should resolve the situation utilizing Lynx text-based web browser. To those in the web hosting and maintenance industry, this is very helpful.

It is because Lynx enables a site to be perceived much in the same way that a search engine spider might. Thus, it shows that search engines will have difficulty crawling the site. Simplicity undoubtedly has its place in modern web graphic design.

When searching specifically at links, use:

Open Site Explorer (OSE) lets you see where they are originating from, together with anchor text variants and link quality.

What to do with the links when found:

Right after you distinguished the links triggering a problem, troubleshoot them by:

Add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the <a> tag.

Redirect links into a web page that is blocked from search engines via a robots.txt file.

Send a note to the present website owner requesting that the footer link be modified.

Get rid of the anchor text so that it will not say something like “Web Graphic Design Dallas” for example.

Make a note of all of the modified links on an excel sheet

You can submit it to Google as well.

The following info should be included:

Link from URL

Link to URL

Anchor text used

An e-mail address to the links connected from your site

Information of removal requests, which include dates and amount of times the request has

been conducted.

The condition of the link (whether it has been removed/ altered or is still live)

Create a Gmail account to deal only with this predicament. Back up the actions you have taken by providing the access info once you appeal.

Once you are 100% positive that all bad back links have been dealt with and you’ve double-checked using Lynx and OSE, it’s time to appeal to Google’s better nature. Consult some website developers before you appeal.